If you find yourself in a cash crunch and are looking for the top ways to make easy money, then check out these tips and ideas.  Short of having money grow on trees, you are going to have to get creative, but it can be done.

Garage Sale - This may have you rolling your eyes, but you can organize one of these pretty quickly.  Check out your local free newspaper, and get your ad in now, then start going through your place and get ruthless with your belongings.  This may be the perfect time to haTop Ways to Make Easy MoneyCredit: Amazonve a good cleanout. 

If you have any sports equipment that is collecting dust in the back of the garage or basement, then make sure and mention this in your ad, as sports equipment sells off pretty fast, and a garage sale is the easiest time to do this. 

If you don't want to organize one, see if your neighbours are having one and help out and set up a station in their driveway.  You can make a good few hundred dollars at a garage sale.  It is absolutely amazing what people will buy off of you.

Even the things you don't think will go, quite often will.  From experience, I have found clothes don't really sell that well, so save them for consignment shops, but sports equipment is a real plus.

Cut Grass or Shovel Driveways - Depending on the time of year, take a good look around your neighbourhood, or if you don't want anyone knowing you need extra cash, then head to a different neighbourhood and see if any lawns are too long, or leaves are building up, or the driveway needs a wider path shovelled. Top Ways To Make Easy Money(75032)Credit: morguefile.com

You can go right to the door armed with your shovel or lawn mower, and ask if they would like these chores done for a small fee.  Don't be pushy and scare people, just offer your services for a good price.  Since these jobs are outside only, many homeowners may like having the help and be willing to pay a few dollars for the service. 

You may end up with a permanent part time job!

Walk Dogs - Be honest with your neighbours that you are looking to make some extra money, and would love to walk their dog along with yours (if you have one) for some extra money.  Many people work long hours, and are too tired to walk their dog as often as they should.  This one can be a bit harder to break into, unless you know them, as dogs are part of the family and these dog owners are not likely to let their pooch go off with a stranger, so stick to your local neighbouTop Ways to Make Easy Money(75031)Credit: morguefile.comrs for this one.

Detail Cars - This is where you go to your friends and neighbours armed with a vacuum cleaner and supplies, and clean out the inside of their car.  Many people may drive it through the car wash, but never get around to cleaning out the inside of their cars, and like many families the car is like the second home and ends up cluttered with toys and garbage.  Do a good job, and get right into the vents with Q-tips, and you will amaze them with a clean car, that they will reward you for.

The above ways, are pretty well immediate with a cash payment.  The garage sale may take a week to organize, but most people pay cash right away.  The same with walking dogs, yardwork and detailing cars.  But there are other top ways to make easy money that may take a bit longer.

Consignment Shops - go through your closet and find those designer fashions, including any shoes that you have hardly worn, as well as coats and especially accessories.  Even put together outfits if you can, then research the consignment shops in your area.  Many cities will have "family ones" that have men, womens and childrens clothes for sale, but there are also many "upscale" business style consignment shops for higher end fashions, you can bring in your best fashions here and when they sell you get a percentage of the sale.

Selling Online - You can gather things from your house, and sell the larger items at a garage sale or consignment shop, but if you have smaller items, such as designer purses, or retro items, or that half done stamp collection or coin collection, you can sell these at sites such as E-bay for some fast money, but you will need a Paypal account to really benefit from this idea.

Cleaning Houses - There are many companies around that offer these serviceTop Ways To Make Easy Money(75030)Credit: Morguefile.coms, but before you roll your eyes, you will be surprised to find that this can be a great way to make money.  It may not be easy money, depending on how dirty the place is!  But it can make great money.

For this to work, you will need to approach family and friends.  People who will trust you in their houses.  Set a price and just how much cleaning you will do for that price, and get to it.  This works best with people you know, as most people are not going to let strangers in the house to clean!  So, stick to people you know well. 

A friend of mine approached the apartment building supervisor to clean empty apartments in exchange for a lower rent as she had become unemployed.  Now she doesn't pay any rent but cleans apartments.  She is now working, but still cleans after hours, this has helped her get back on her feet.

Bartering - This can work for any services you may need to have done around your home.  If you have a talent that would be appreciated by a neighbour or friend, then they could do something for you if they have a different talent.  I have done bookkeeping for free to get some electrical services done before..  This works well in a cash crunch. 

Boarder - If you have a spare room, you can take in a boarder (research them well) this works for students or friends of friends, this will get you quick money.

Shave Money - Even though this article is about top ways to make easy money, there are ways to keep your money in your pocket, which in effect is making money.  Got through your expenses and start shaving 10% off of them.  Cut back on groceries, turn off all those lights, walk instead of driving, car pool, take your lunch, take coffee from home, get a crock pot and have dinner cooking while you are at work and save on takeout. 

Just go through your day and see if you can change something.  Do a few of the above tips, and you will have that extra money in your pocket.  It may not be "easy" money as some work is involved, but it will be quick money.  Just get creative, look for a need and offer your services!