How many times have you looked over at the person beside you on the subway, and noticed that they just pulled out exactly the same cellphone as you have? Or how many times have you been on a bus and heard the familar song that says your phone is ringing, only to realize it's not actually your phone, it's the guy ahead of you with the same ring tone? Everyone has a cellphone, but not everyone gets around to putting their own personal stamp on their phone. If you want to add some individuality to your cellphone, here are my top three ways to customize your mobile.

My top cellphone customization is, you'll never guess, ringtones! Yes, ringtones, the easist thing to change on your phone, and the feature that everyone has already built in, is the top of my list. The best way to use ringtones to customize your cellphone is to take it a step further than choosing a ringtone other than your phones default ring, and actually go and download some new or classic songs. Choosing a cheap ringtone package is a great way to pick a few current pop hits along with some of your old favorites, so you'll be able to customize ringtones depending on who is calling you, or if you have a new message waiting. Or if you are into making your own ringtones, there are a number of tools you can use to convert your own songs into ringtone format, upload them to a website where you can then download them to your cellphone.

Second from the top idea for cellphone customizations is close in concept to the ringtone, but it has a bit of a twist. It is called Ringback Tones (from Verizon, other companies call their ringbacks by other names, such as Call Answer Tones, Caller Tunes etc) and rather than hearing a tone from your cellphone speaker when someone calls you, a ringback tone is played through the earpiece of the person who is calling you. So instead of you and the people around you hearing a ringtone when someone calls you, a ringback tone is only heard by the one person that is phoning you. Unfortunately, there is no way to get ringback tones for free. Some providers give you a very limited selection of free ringback tones so that you can try out the service, but in general this is not a large enough selection for it to qualify as free ringback tones. The service is pretty cheap ($1.49-$1.99 per month), and the ringback tones themselves are cheap as well ($.99 to a few dollars for each tone). This is a fun way to project your personality using your cellphone, or it is just a great way to add some fun for your callers.

My last tip for adding a personal touch to your cellphone is to go to the bargain bin at your local Best Buy and pick up one or a few cellphone cases or faceplates. There are so many options for cases, that there are always racks of older cases that are on clearance, that still work perfectly well with the majority of cellphones. You can use this idea to make your cellphone either standout, project your favorite style or theme, or just make it easy for you to carry and identify your own cellphone. Some of my favorite models are those that have a built-in mini-carabiner, so I can clip my cellphone on my bag, or I can clip my keys to my cellphone. As well as looking good, it gives me extra security, as I am constantly misplacing either my keys or cellphone.

These have been my top three favorite ways to pimp out my cellphone. I like them because they are easy and quick, there are still options to grow with each of the techniques, and none of them will cost a bundle. As an added bonus, at least two and maybe all three of the options are transferable should you upgrade your cellphone. So get started today looking for your best ways to personalize your cellphone. Putting a lit bit of your own personality into your cellphone is just a fun way to change up your mobile style.