Travel photography is a huge business. Travel photographers can make and sell books, sell stock photography, and also start their own blog. Travel photographers who start their own log often make some nice money. You may not get rich with your own travel photography blog but you will have the potential to earn much more than you would if you just post your pictures on Flickr and 500PX. Here are some of the top ways to earn money with a travel photography blog.

Sell Ads

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If you run a travel photography blog and want to earn some money then you can sell advertising. You can directly sell ad banner spots on your photography blog but this will take away from the time that you could instead be perfecting your art by taking pictures. If you want to sell ads directly but do not want to have to deal with finding customers and billing them and tracking ad campaigns then you can use a serviced such as Adbrite.

Sell Prints

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One of the best ways for travel photography blogs to earn money is to build up a base of loyal followers and then sell them prints of your great photography. You can automate this and websites such as 500PX have a premium option available where you can sell prints and the entire process is automated. A visitor to your travel blog sees a picture they like and click on the link to buy the print. The customer can then order the size of print they want and the company will send it out to them. You then receive money for your picture. Selling prints online can be done for a variety of websites including newspaper sites but it works best for travel photography websites.


Adsense is a simple solution to earning money online with your travel photography blog. You can use this method in addition to other methods. I recommend you sell photography prints and use Adsense. One of the benefits to using the Google Adsense program is that it is all automated. You simply put the code into your website and then the Google Adsense ads are served automatically.

Affiliate Products

Promoting affiliate products is one of the easiest and hardest ways to make money online. It is the easiest because there are so many different products available and you can earn a lot of commissions. If you have a blog on the topic of gold panning then you can find affiliate products to promote that fall within the theme of your category such as gold detectors and gold pans. Every time someone clicks on the link to and then makes a purchase you earn a commission.

Promoting affiliate products is hard for new webmasters for 2 reasons. The conversion rate is lower because new bloggers are not sure how to properly promote an affiliate product without overselling it. The second reasons is that there is a lack of traffic to your blog. Let’s say you make 1 sale for every 50 people that click on to an ad. That is a 1/50 conversion ration; however, not everyone who visits you blog will click on an ad. If you get 1 in 20 visitors to click on the affiliate ad then you will basically need about 1,000 visitors to your blog to make a sale. If each sale nets you a $25.00 profit then you are doing well. A $25.00 paycheck for every thousand pageviews is something a lot of blogs struggle with but with a travel photography blog this can be done, albeit it will be hard.

There are numerous affiliate programs that can be used within the travel photography niche. You can promote everything from cameras, picture hosting, to lenses, filters, and even the big stores that sell everything photography related.


Getting people to donate money to your website may seem like an old school thing to do and you do not see it near as often as you used to yet setting up a simple PayPal donation button on your blog is pretty easy. You want to promote the benefits of what is the benefit of donating to your blog is for the person. You do not want to hide the button or the fact you accept donations but you also do not want to be begging for money. If you are seen as a blogging panhandler then it will turn off your visitors.

Membership Based Site

In order to have a successful membership based website for the travel photography niche then you need to have a lot of experience in internet marketing. Most membership sites started by inexperienced bloggers will fail.

 In order to succeed with a membership based site you need to provide an awesome user experience. You cannot charge for crappy material. You can have the best material in the world and still struggle with getting people to pay for a membership to your site. Starting a membership based travel photography blog where people pay to view the bulk of your content is the hardest method on this list.

List Building

Building a subscriber list using AWeber and or GetResponse is one way that could make you rich if you do it properly. Have an email opt-in box on your website and then when visitors go to your site they can enter in their email to get on your mailing list. When you get a large list of people who opt-in you can then begin promoting products to them that provide value and you can earn a lot of money this way. In order to get people to opt-in to your list you can offer them something in exchange for opting in. You may want to give them a free ebook or something else of perceived value.

Which One?

You may be wondering which method works best and you should use for your blog. If you are not sure what method to use for your travel photography blog then I would immediately recommend combining 2 methods to start off with. You should integrate Google Adsense ads into your travel photography blog and you should also use an automated process to sell prints of your photography.