This is a state of one who lacks a certain amount of materials. It can also be referred top a state where one lacks basic needs that is food clothing and shelter. Poverty an also be defined as relative poverty where by one lacks a usual or social income or even a certain amount of resources compared to the others in the same region where he or she is located.

Poverty can affect many parts of ones life for example health, education, housing, can also lead to violence. When we look at poverty under the health bracket, it is a situation was a person cannot be able to meet the levels of getting treatment whenever he gets sick. Despite the availability of the resources around he still can.

In terms of education it means that children will have to suffer with illiteracy because they their parents cannot be in a position to get money so as to take them to school. Hence these little ones will be forced to stay at home doing nothing.

Most of the people living below the poverty level are forced to live in the streets   due to the lack of shelter for them. They are also forced to live in the slum areas where there are no good facilities and the in congestion in the area.

Poverty can also lead to the increase in population .This is because most of the people living  in poverty  are idle and there is nothing productive for them to do so they end up giving birth unnecessarily. Poverty is the major factor that leads to violence. This is due to the fact these people have to struggle so as to see and find something to feed their families due to this they end up stealing from those who have worked so as to earn their living.

Despite all these there are different ways of avoiding poverty in a society. That is by training the people on how to family plan so as to manage the population growth. You can also train them and provide jobs for them for example building or roads and other kinds of work so as to make them busy. This will also reduce violence in the regions affected.

Well wishers can also take the initiative of adopting these street children and taking them to schools so as to enable them get the knowledge of how to be an independent person in the society and also to help the others in need in the future. If we are all able to help in this fight against poverty then we will live in a world full of happiness.