How to increase your web visitors after the Google Panda updates

Search engine optimization (SEO) post Panda

Making money online wouldn’t be possible without using search engine optimization or SEO. However, Google, the biggest search engine company, has become more adept in tracking and detecting inappropriate actions to game the search engine results by SE optimizers. Upgrading the search engine algorithm has been one of Google’s thrusts in 2011 and in the early part of 2012. The search engine giant is continually implementing the “Panda” search engine updates. Because high search result rankings means more web traffic, and web traffic means more income, the negative effects of the algorithm updates on search engine results proved to be devastating on a website’s capability to earn online income.

As of the present, it has become more and more difficult to manipulate the search engine results. It has become difficult to rank web pages higher in search engine results. Thus, it is imperative to change the way we use traditional methods of getting web traffic.

Here are some of the top online sources to get web traffic from after the Google panda updates:

1) Article Marketing

The traditional way of using article marketing is by posting articles, any kind of articles, to article directories with the hopes of getting online users to read the articles and then read the signature links within the article leading to your website. This is not effective anymore today.

What you should do is to write high quality and informative articles, place the usual signature link and post this in the article directories. There’s not much of any difference from the traditional method of article marketing, right? The only difference is that your articles should be of high quality and highly informative. This kind of articles gets highly syndicated across many websites by other webmasters thereby increasing the chance of getting web traffic to your website through the article’s signature links.

2) E-mail Signatures

E-mail letters don’t get indexed by search engines because they are classified as private stuff. However, you can use it to drive traffic to your website by using e-mail signatures. After each and every e-mail that you send to your friends and associates, you should place a signature link leading to your website. The best way to maximizing this method to gain web traffic is by using e-mail marketing with subscription forms.

3) Forum Marketing

You can maximize the use of forums to get web traffic. Unlike before the implementation of the Google Panda updates when the forum links were effective for SEO, forums have now become ineffective in ranking web pages in search engine results for certain keywords. You should use forums now the way they should be – as mediums of interaction and information exchanges. When you post something or anything in forums, be sure that these are highly informative and helpful to the ones who are reading your posts. Forum post readers would likely to check the links in your posts if these are interesting or informative.

These web traffic sources don’t cost a dime and are easy to use, unlike other methods like, Google Adwords, which would entail spending money. And most of all, these methods of getting web traffic were not largely affected by the Google Panda updates. Search engine optimization (SEO) is not dead because of Google Panda, it’s still alive if you just use these methods to get web traffic to your websites or online products.