Best Answers to Worst Interview Questions


Do you plan to have children?

Well, that is a very interesting question, but I dont really see how my plans on having children is relevant to this interview or to the job I am applying to. What I choose to do in my personal life is none of my potential employers business nor should it have any effect or clout on whether or not I am considered for this position. We currently live in a progressive society, where having children isn't considered a burden on a career, but more of an asset. I think being a parent helps give a better perspective and should help maintain a more enthusiastic work ethic. However, whether or not I decide to have children is none of your business and has absolutely nothing to do with the task at hand, which is my possible employment. -  Florida

Are you gay?

Well, that is an interesting question but it has nothing to do with this interview or with the position for which I am applying. As a matter of fact, it is illegal to ask anything regarding my sexual orientation. But, yes, since you asked, I am gay. Does that scare you? Are you afraid I will try to seduce you and turn you gay? Don’t flatter yourself. You are not my type and you are a closed-minded bigot who doesn’t deserve to have a person of my caliber in your presence. - NY


Do you deserve such a high pay package?

Well,that is a very interesting question. The salary is quoted based on the industry standards,current remuneration, and market situation. This salary was not quoted based on the comparison or in a random way. When you feel that the salary does not suites your organization, then we can negotiate at a common point where both of them feel good. With my experience and qualifications, i deserve to ask for the salary quoted.If you cant able to afford for such a compensation,hire a candidate by compromising on the the talents and skills required for the job. - GBR


Will you against wearing tight shirts in the office?

Well, that is a very interesting question, and, quite frankly, one that I find inappropriate and offensive. Of course I would be opposed to wearing such clothing around the office, and even more so now that I know you are such a pervert. The fact that you have even asked me this proves that this is not the kind of environment I want to work in. But, I would like to thank you, because I plan on making a lot of money off this company regardless of any employment. What I mean is that my lawyer will be contacting you this week, as I am fully prepared to file a sexual harassment case against you personally, and your company corporately. I look forward to spending your bonus in Hawaii this year. I'll buy some tight shirts. Good day. This interview, and your career, is over. -  Lexington

Do you get nervous when asked a lot of questions?

Well, that is a very interesting question. I am very nervous and ill at ease. Sweating and stuttering. Can't think straight because of the state I am in. My imagination is at an all time high. Your eyes are piercing right through me. I hope I am dressed alright for this interview. This is my first interview since I graduated the job corps. This building is monstrous and I feel that at some point I will probably explode. Please get the questioning over soon and let me know if I have the job or not so I can finally relax. I am qualified for filing job as it demands variadex filing which I have been trained for. Would much prefer color coded or number files. I really need this job and that is why I am so nervous and anxious. I have many bills to pay. -  Locust, NC

Do you want to work here?

Well, that is a very interesting question. Duh, I wouldn't have applied here if I didn't wanna work here. I may not wanna be here for the rest of my life, but right now I need the job. Yes, I only want to work here because I couldn't get a job anywhere else, but I still want to work here. I will do the best I can while employeed here. Let me ask you a question. Do you want to work here? I'm sure you need the job as well and don't have much desire to be here. But you are working here. - Harpers Ferry, WV

What are things you've had a hard time dealing with in your life?

Well, that’s a very interesting question, and a thoroughly inappropriate one. It is not relevant to my professional ability to perform successfully at this job or any of the tasks I will be required to do. It is a gross invasion of privacy and I would suggest that we go around the room and have everyone speak about the most difficult experiences of their lives before you ask me the same question. What do you think we’d talk about? Bereavement, suicide, mental health issues, addiction? Are any of these appropriate topics of conversation for an interview? No. They are highly personal and cannot be spoken about objectively. All you have the right to know is that I will be professional at all times at work. Everything else, is none of your damn business. - Uxbridge, GBR


Do you believe your behavior outside of work will reflect badly on the company?

Well,that is a very interesting question, but no. I don't believe it does. I find that a to be constricting and a slight violation of my human rights. I work with proficiency during my shifts, if I decide to spend my night scantily clad and drunk off my ass in a club I don't see how that directly effects the company. If I'm doing my work properly in the right place, what does it matter how I dress, speak or spend MY time? So, once again, I will have to answer "no". - California


What is your biggest weakness?

Well, that is a very interesting question. My biggest weakness is that I am a perfectionist. I am particularly perfectionist about writing and editing. I consider my writing skills one of my strongest assets so when I am writing something or editing others work, I want it to be “perfect.” I think it is very important to convey a professional message when communicating something on paper, and that often entails critical eyes. However, sometimes I get a bit too involved and spend a bit too much time editing. I’ve been working on this, however, and feel that I’ve found a better balance. - Hawley, PA