What are the top writing tips when writing online? When you write for the Internet you have to approach it a bit differently than you would for a magazine or other traditional print publication. Your whole goal is to get people viewing your work so you need to take several things into consideration before you even write the piece. In this article you’ll discover several key points that can help you write better articles online and help you gain more views to your work.

Tip # 1 Your Topic

One of the keys to writing online is picking the right topic. Most people are searching for information on a subject and they want that information quickly. Some of the best online articles that will bring you views are “how-to,” articles, product reviews, top lists, and other nuggets of information that a reader can digest in small quantities. People have short attention spans online and don’t want to read long-winded articles. The only exception to this rule is if the article is specifically designed to convey extra information such as a biography or technical details. In this case longer articles are going to be required to fully explain the topic. Each article should be broken up into sections with headings so the reader can scan over the article and pick out the information they want. Bullet lists or number can help when you want to highlight key points. Articles should range between 500 to 1000 words for most subjects. This isn’t a set rule because some articles will naturally be longer such as is the case with technical details that need explanations.

Tip #2 Article Construction

You should make sure your article has a suitable title so people can find it easily in search engines when they type in a keyword. In fact it better to have the keyword you want as the title itself such as “How to Bake a Cake” or, “Top Five Cars of 2012.” When your keywords are a part of your title it’s easier to not only be found in the search engines, but people are more likely to click your article since the title looks like what they are searching for. The article should be several paragraphs long and not one long block of text. You would be surprised at how many articles are very hard to read due to simple poor formatting mistakes. It’s often a good idea to add pictures or videos to your articles to add interest to them for readers. Some articles won’t need images but even one or two can help the average article. There are many sites online where you can find free images.

Tip #3 No Spinning Allowed

Many article online are very poor as the result for article spinning software. You should never spin an article but instead write it in your own words. You can even do this for product descriptions or other boring text. All you need to do is rearrange the wording of a product description and in your own text and you have a new article. Article spinners will give you content that isn’t worth reading and just brings down your credibility as a writer. If you want more content you should outsource your work to someone so you get something that is actually written by hand and you can check it over for quality. It’s generally easier just to write it yourself sing you have control over the quality of the piece. If you want a similar article for back linking purposes it makes sense to write a new quality article which in the end will provide you with more views because the article is unique and seen by the search engines as unique.

Tip #4 Use SEO For Articles

While you can still write a normal article and have it found by search engines, sometimes it’s better to use search engine optimization techniques when writing articles. SEO allows you to target specific keywords in your article so those are picked up by a search engine such as Google. The best place to put keywords is in the article title itself and then throughout the article a few times. Be sure to use words that are similar to the keywords which are called LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing. This sounds complicated but it’s very easy to understand.  Take for example, “Guitar” and let’s use LSI on it. In this case some terms would be:






Song writer

Musical Instrument

Six string

This is in addition to the main keyword “guitar.” Search engines then know that the article is about guitar since all the other words are related to the main keyword. SEO and LSI are a science and it will take time to learn them but it can really help your articles in the long run. Many of your articles probably already have LSI in them and you don’t know it.

Tip #5 Content

Your article needs good solid content for your reader. Your topic needs to give the reader some bit of information that they can use. If you provide great, informative articles you’ll get people coming back to your work. If you just produce hack work in a vain attempt to get traffic you aren’t doing yourself any good in the long term. The more complete content you create the better you’ll look as an Internet writer and this can help unlock new opportunities to you. Someone may see your portfolio and offer you additional assignments. If you have great content you can provide samples of this to clients if you plan to branch out and do freelance work online. Your content is your face online so make it the best that it can be and you’ll be rewarded in the long run.

Writing Articles Online Can be Rewarding

Over time you can make a living writing articles online if you give it time. Choose topics that people will be interested in and work on constructing the best article possible by breaking up the paragraphs and using headings. Don’t spin your articles, write them by hand you’ll be better off in the long run. Read about keywords and LSI content so you’ll be found by search engines. Always remember that the content is the most important part so gives your readers great articles and they’ll come back to your work time and time again.