One of the most popular superhero teams is the X-Men. They have truly become a cultural phenomenon, with several popular comic book series and adaption into a popular series of films as well as video games, novels and television cartoon series.

Created by Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby in 1963, the story line revolved around five young students gifted with special mutant powers. Recruited by the mysterious Professor Xavier the original members, Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast and Jean Grey, formed the X-Men, dedicated to battling a growing anti-mutant sentiment and to protecting the world from evil mutants. The series was never as popular as the other Marvel superhero groups such as the Fantastic Four or the Avengers and from the late sixties until mid-seventies the comic book continued with reprints of its original issues.

Until 1975 when writer Len Wein and artist Dave Cockrum released Giant-Size X-men #1which introduced a new super hero team. This new team consisted of young adults from different countries and philosophical beliefs. The writing was soon taken over by Chris Claremont who for 16 years produced a tightly scripted character driven series that became one of the best written Bronze Age comic books.

The Bronze Age was an era in comic book history from the early 1970's until the mid 1980's. There are a number of X-Men comic books from this period that are worthwhile investments. The following are a few of the most worthwhile to purchase. Each increases in value an average of 5%-8% per year. Their current average worth's are given in near mint condition. A comic in fine condition would be worth about 50% less.

Of course two must haves are Giant Size X-Men #1 in which the new team was introduced, currently worth about $1200 and X-Men #94 (worth about $1150) which was their first adventure in the regular comic book series. The 30 cent variant of X-Men #100 which featured a battle between the old X-Men and new team can fetch up to $350 and is a rare find. Issues 105-107 had limited distribution with a $35 price tag and now are worth $200 in near mint condition. One of the more popular characters, Kitty Pryde is introduced in issue #129. This issue is also significant because it is the beginning of the Dark Phoenix Saga. A near mint copy is currently worth about $90.

These are a few great suggestions to add to any comic book investment collection. All prices are averages. It is recommended that anybody interested in collecting comic books for investment start off by buying the latest edition of Robert Overstreet's Comic Book Price Guide. It is the 'bible' of the industry. Good luck and happy hunting.