YouTube Marketing AnnotationYouTube Marketing Tips Using Annotations

When it comes to YouTube Marketing, we encourage you to use annotations (those little colored note bubbles that pop up while a video is playing) for YouTube Marketing this help your viewers know what their post-viewing options are. You can refer them to another one of your videos with a simple link-maybe the next part in the series or another website video-or you can solicit feedback. Annotations are versatile, and the point with YouTube marketing is to show that videos using annotations have higher success rates in keeping viewers engaged longer and driving traffic to more of the author's videos.

Don't overdo it, though. We recommend not too many annotations. Too many… and you're giving your viewers information overload. There's no magic formula in YouTube marketing, but YouTube recommends 3-5 annotations per video as a rule of thumb.

Another great tip they offer with regard to annotations is to be transparent. YouTube marketing concept is not use disguising links so that the viewer ends up somewhere other than where you told them they would go. When it comes to YouTube marketing misleading the viewer is bad for the customer/author relationship. And considering YouTube's parent company, Google, and their long-standing rule against disguising web-content, and you might infer that YouTube is saying your video might even be penalized for spamming users too much.

Most importantly when you're using YouTube marketing think about being creative with your annotations from a production standpoint. I've seen some real interesting videos where the owner clearly considered the annotations when they were actually creating/producing the video. As an example, at the end of your video, you can literally film yourself pointing to annotations and directing users to click on the annotations…..

YouTube Marketing Tips Using Playlists

Another YouTube marketing tip is playlist you have probably seen these playlists in action. Many of you have probably created a playlist yourself. When it comes to YouTube marketing we think everyone should be using them, because Playlists are fantastic ways to lead your new viewers through your content the way you prefer them to experience it. With YouTube marketing you can help them discover older videos they might have missed or help them recognize your personal greatest hits.

Here's a YouTube marketing nugget you might not have known: Playlists are indexed separately from individual videos. Which it means you double your chances of a video being found through search if you have it in a playlist? Awesome. (Don't forget to add the proper meta description data to your playlist to increase its chances of being indexed and found!). YouTube marketing recommends creating themes around your playlists -rather than just grouping a bunch of unrelated videos together in a list. Good marketing tip. Even though you have stray videos that you want to roll into a playlist and try to get more attention, you've got to be reasonable about how you group your playlist videos together if you want them to have the maximum impact.

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