For fans of martial art movies there are so many great choices.

The martial art encompasses a lot of different art forms and the movies often bring out the beauty of the art. Martial arts movies are very entertaining.

The movies listed here are my top 10 favorite martial arts movies. If you are a true fan of martial art films, then you know that some of the best martial art movies ever made are foreign films and you will have to read some sub titles.

10. Shaolin


All that needs to be said about the 2011 movie Shaolin is that it stars Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan has a lot of fans that are not necessarily interested in martial arts, they simply love his acting and comedy.

9. Operation Condor

Jackie Chan wrote, directed, and acted in the martial arts movie. This is a very entertaining martial arts film that is lived by many people, even those who do not normally like to watch martial arts fighting films.

8. Blood Sport

Jean-Claude Van Damme stars in this 1988 film. Blood Sport brought the underground world of fighting to an entirely new audience.

7.  The Karate Kid

Karate KidCredit:

The original Karate Kid movie did more to promote the world of martial arts then arguably any other film in history. In the 1970’s Bruce Lee was very influential and many people sought martial arts training to follow his example. In the 1980’s it was Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita that helped martial art studios across the Country gain numerous new students.


In real life learning Karate is much more in-depth then “Wax on Wax Off”, but the rigors and benefits of martial arts training is demonstrated by the main character “Daniel”. Martial arts training helps you to not only learn self defense skills, but also increases confidence and helps you to center your mind and body spiritually.

 On a side note, the main character of Daniel Larusso was played by Ralph Macchio and on his next birthday he will be 51 years old. Does that make you feel old to know that "Daniel San" is that old now?

6. Legend of Drunken Master

This 1978 martial arts movie also stars the awesome and funny Jackie Chan. If you have not seen Jackie Chan when he was younger then you definitely need to watch the Legend of the Drunken Master. It is a very funny film that shows the detination in life Jackie Chan took by combining humor with martial arts. This is one of Jacki Chans funniest movies from the 70’s.

5. Enter the Dragon

Enter the Dragon starred Bruce Lee and is widely considered one of the top martial art movies of all time. 6 days after Enter the Dragon was released Bruce Lee died. Jackie Chan was also in this movie but he was only a stunt guy.

4. Fearless

Jet Li stars in this amazing martial art film that truly symbolizes a lot of the skills learned from people who follow and practice martial arts for their entire life.

3. Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior

Ong-Bak is one of the best martial arts movies of all time. There are 2 other films in the series, but they pretty much suck. The original Ong-Bak however is truly amazing. No way can you claim to be a martial arts fan if you have never seen this movie. Ong Bak truly symbolizes the beauty of martial arts films and encompasses all of the different aspects of the genre including the physical and mental focus. Martial artists do not go out and cause fights unless it is a self defense situation. The main character in this film refused to fight unless he absolutely had to.

2. The Chinese Connection

The Chinese Connection is a 1972 martial arts film that stars Bruce Lee. If you did not already know this then you need to watch this movie now. No true fan of martial arts movies can say they have not seen The Chinese Connection…multiple times.

1. Ip Man

IP ManCredit:

Ip Man is by far the greatest martial arts movie of all time. Many people are surprised at the end of this film when they find out that it is based on a true story. IP man was loosely based on the true story of Wing Chun Master Yip Man. One of Yip Man’s black belts that he trained was a martial artist known to the World as Bruce Lee. There is a sequel to Ip Man that is definitely worth watching, but not near as good as the original IP Man film. IP Man is an awesome story that is true, great martial arts fighting scenes feature the art of Wing Chun, and a great script. Even if you do not normally watch foreign films with subtitles, you definitely need to make an exception for the greatest martial arts movie of all time.

If you appreciate great movies that also feature various martial arts such as Karate and Tae Kwon Do then you need to make sure you watch every movie on this list. There are many great martial arts movies, but these are the top 10 martial art movies that I enjoy the most and deem very popular with fans of martial arts movies.

The fighting and comedy in these movies are pretty cool. Even the movies that are not comedies tend to have some very funny scenes. If you are looking for a very funny movie with martial arts then almost anything that Stars Jackie Chan is well worth watching because he is not only extremely funny, but also very talented with his martial art skills.

If you like fighting movies then you need to ensure that you have seen every movie on this list. True fans of martial art films have probably already seen every movie on this list multiple times. Do you have a favorite martial arts related movie? If so please leave a comment below because I would love to hear your opinions.