Top bodybuilding supplements

There are many top bodybuilding supplements however it appears that a lot of people are under the misconception the only supplements used in body building and weight training is protein powders and bars, or illegal ones such as steroids.

Protein is the building blocks of the human body and it is important to increase protein levels and the essential amino acids, which make up the protein, however these are not the only muscle building supplements for men and there are many others.

 Lifting heavy weights is a small part of a body building program and there are other things you need
to consider including getting motivated for a work out and boosting energy levels, muscle repair and recovery, fat burning and general well being. As you would expect, there are some top bodybuilding supplements specifically designed for these other aspects of a body building program to ensure body builders reach their goals.

Top bodybuilding supplements for motivation and boosting energy

Modern day life is tough and there are times when you will get home from work and just want to crash out in front of the television. During these times it can be very difficult to get motivated to go to the gym for a hard weight session, let alone muster up the energy to actually lift the weights. Winter is the time of year when motivation levels go through the floor. Waking up in the dark, going to work and then driving home in the dark without seeing any daylight can create lethargy and a reduction in energy levels.

One top body building supplements for motivation and boosting energy levels is “Viper”. Viper is a blend of nutrients that helps to maximise energy, hydration and mental focus during a workout. Viper’s active ingredients include caffeine, guarana and taurine, all of which are stimulants that will give your body a kick and make you alert.

There are other energy boosting supplements on the market, all of which will have the same active ingredients as Viper so there are alternatives out there. The reason I use Viper is because it comes in powdered form and all you need to do is add water to make it in to a drink to consume before a workout.

Top bodybuilding supplements for muscle repair and recovery

Increasing your protein intake will aid muscle repair and recovery, however there are some other vitamins and minerals your body needs to recover quickly, and taking these after a hard workout will help your muscles repair and recover quicker than only taking a protein supplement.

One very good supplement for repair and recovery is called “Ache Free”. This supplement is a blend of essential nutrients designed to protect the joints from the stress and intensity of a heavy workout. Two main ingredients are glucosamine and chonoroitin both of which are naturally found in healthy joints.

“Recovermax” is another great post weight sessio supplement. Recovermax consists of carbohydrates and whey protein, as well as essential amino acids, all of which speed up the repair and recovery process after a heavy workout session. 

Top bodybuilding supplements for fat burning

Body building includes two stages. The first is a bulking up stage where, as its name suggests, the objective is to increase muscle mass and get bigger. During this stage the body requires a lot of food to provide the energy required for intense and heavy workouts. The increase in food leads to an increase in calories and an increase in overall body weight, including fat stores.

The second stage is commonly referred to as cutting up. During this stage the objective is to reduce excess body fat to really make the muscles stand out. Light cardio vascular exercise will help the body burn the fat stores but there are also fat burning supplements available to accelerate the process. These supplements are typically know as fat burners.

There are many different fat burners on the market, made by different companies, and the popular ones include Hydroxycut and Thermabol.

All the fat burners work in the same way, which is by increasing the core body temperature and making the heart beat a little faster to increase the metabolic rate to turn your body in to a ‘fat burning furnace’. Fat burners can be used in isolation however you need to combine them with regular cardio vascular exercise for the best results.

Are these top bodybuilding supplements worth taking?

Opinion is divided on this. Some people use these top bodybuilding supplements and see little effect, if any at all whilst other people use these supplements and see a great effect. Different people react differently to the same supplement so you really need to try the supplements and make your own mind up.

One top bodybuilding supplement that never seems to fail is the fat burner, although these are potentially dangerous if used over a prolonged period of time.

Top bodybuilding supplements - The final word

If you are looking to take your body building to the next level and want to speed up the process body building supplements is the way forward, although you don’t need to take every single supplement going. I use a supplement to boost energy so I get a good workout, a recovery supplement for
post workout and fat burners, which I use on a short term basis during cutting up stages.