Get help paying rent and medical bills

In these troubles economic times, many people are struggling to pay bills. Fortunately, one can get help paying rent from some charities and government organizations. Although everyone’s case is different and may not apply to the suggestions given below, you can get help with bill payments for rent, utilities and medical bill from a non profit charity. Here are some options to seek assistance from charities that help with medical bills and housing expenses.

Look for a local non profit organization in your area, or a local chapter of a national charity such as your local Salvation Army chapter. Such organizations may offer emergency financial assistance if you need help paying rent or other crucial expenses such as food, medical bills and utilities. There may also be a community food pantry from where you can get free or subsidized food. Also look for government assistance programs that may help you with expenses.

There are many charities that help with medical bills, rent and other payments at both national and local levels. At the local level, Community Action Organizations can provide help with utilities, paying rent, job training assistance and other forms of help. Another form of help you can get from non profit charity organizations is free credit card debt counseling. One organization that offers help with credit card payments through free debt consultation programs is Debthelp 101. They can help you reduce your credit card debt by as much as 50%, and the service is free.

There are state specific charities that operate only in one or a few states. You should also look into local churches, which often provide a wide range of assistance including food pantries, help with paying rent, assistance paying electric bills and other utilities, health care assistance, and other programs. Many churches are ramping up their charity people for poor people as the economy has continued to deteriorate. Another form of charity assistance for poor people is offered by non-profit law firms who provide free legal advice and legal representation. These firms receive funding from the federal government, and provide free legal help with foreclosure, other housing problems, debt collection and credit issues, domestic lawsuits and other matters. You may also be able to get government assistance with paying bills.

Here are some of the top charities that help pay bills

To get emergency help with utilities rent and food, you can contact the following:

Society of Vincent DePaul
Catholic Charities USA
The Salvation Army
United Way of America
Unmet Needs

For help paying medical bills

Free Medical Camps ( - has listings of free medical clinics and free dental clinics nationwide across the US.
Patient Advocate Foundation

For free financial assistance

Modest Needs ( Offers free grants for self sufficiency, back-to-work programs and independent living.

Ways to Work: This organization gives loans to parents so they can meet unexpected expenses that could keep them away from work or school, such as car purchase or repair costs.