Have you ever imagined Italy as your dream destination? I did. and I discovered a wonderful civilization , a delicious mixture between beauty and art, so it is impossible for not to share with you impressions trust me, it worth visiting this country, you will love it.

Let `s start with Florence, recommended for art lovers. The Four Season hotel, newly renovated, brings a flavor of luxury to this city and it will certainly be the location you have hardly looked for. After renovating works during the past seven years, finally old palaces have been transformed in an opulent residence with sophisticated restaurant, where you can admire works in their original setting. The first building, PALAZZO DELLA GHERARDESCA from the XVth century is the attraction point and here you can admire the impressive bas-reliefs from the inner yard. Interesting pictures with frescos showing angels and naked sea maids, can be seen in some suites of this elegant hotel together with silk wall-paper and ancient candelabrums. Here you can also find a pool and spa to relax and get rid of the daily tension.

For those who love intimacy - I can recommend The Private House - AmalfiCoast. Peace and quiet are always present at Private House - an ex fishing booth rebuilt by talented architects who saw and fall in love with it. A perfect refugee, a prefect escape, surrounded by palm trees this villa is great for lovers, for honey moon or for persons looking for a relaxing holiday. It only has six rooms. Perfect, isn't it?

For those who love traveling, D`Aosta Valley, which houses the first national park of Italy, is a piece of heaven, geographically located in north-west part of Italy, between France and Switherland. Pine trees, green leas, deep valleys and blue icebergs create a mysterious mixture that would make Maria Von Trapp start singing and that would convince you to begin a summer trip. You can try the road that crosses over the blue fields until it gets to Lillaz cascade. After all, arriving here means sunny fields full of flowers, alpine lakes, Place Moulin logjam surrounded by spectacular cliffs and Montesuc Nature Trail that offers a great view over the whole valley.

For those who love literature, Il Salviatino Fiesole means the great choice by far. This elegant villa from the XVI th century is located right on the top of a hill in Fiesole. Prepare yourself for mural paintings from XIX th century, classical landscapes from Renaissance period, huge marble fireplaces, ancient mosaics and a grave transformed into a bathroom in one of the apartments. The penthouse has a spectacular view over the city of Fiesole and Firenze , a perfect ambient for recreating your own version about the passionate embracement between Emerson and HoneyChurch.

For those who love urban style, Romeo Hotel in Neapoli, the first contemporary hotel opened in Neapoli, can be a fantastic choice. You can delight yourself with the architectural landscape made of glass, concrete and wood. This hotel, created by the famous Japanese architect Kenzo Tange, has 85 rooms and represents a shiny gallery for the best artist of the city including Francesco Clemente and Lello Esposito. The sushi bar and the lounge for smokers were created by Philippe Starck, as well as the roof swimming pool. The restaurant from the last floor has a monumental view over the bay For those addicted to spa benefits, Daniela Steiner Spa offers a view over the VezuviuMountain as well as treatments based on volcanic minerals.

If you want to escape from the ordinary life, you must go to The Hill That Breathes, in Toscana. This simply, but chic farm house belongs to Gaia and John Parkin. They left behind their stressing life as managers and wanted to create a place where tourists can spend high quality time. Everything here has a slow rhythm, which makes you breathe deeper and forget about your noisy life. There are no other sounds than the wind breeze and the song of the birds. Fantastic, isn't it? The Hill That Breathes encourages you to eat and drink and enjoy life. Every week here has a different theme such as : yoga, tai chi or bioenergetics treatments.

For beauty lovers, Borgo San Pietro, Toscana, is a perfect choice. This farm house dating from XVII th century is a destination that can not be missed: spacious rooms, beautiful gardens, rose bushes, fruit gardens, vegetables for healthy cooking.

All these are my suggestions for a dream holiday in Italy, the charming land of beauty. I hope you will have quality time, I surely did.