Traffic is the backbone to any blog success, without it you may as well be blogging because you just love writing and you are not doing it as an income builder. There are several ways to ensure that you have frequent traffic to your blog and here is what I consider the top five ways to drive traffic to your blog or site in order to make money online.

Choose Keywords Wisely

Using reliable keyword software to find phrases that people are typing in to get the information they required, or where they are willing to buy a product or service that relates to the keyword. Over time Google tabulates how many people are searching for that phrase and, then develop a traffic estimate. Choosing the right keywords and optimizing the website or blog will bring in great organic traffic that can be converted into<a href=""> income online</a>.

Commenting on or blogs or website in your niche

This is one of the ways that you can develop a relationship with other bloggers. Do not spam other blogs but, read the articles and make an honest comment. Engage in ongoing discussion so people will recognize you. Visit sites that are related to your niche. Do guest post to other blogs and accept posts from others blogs also and do a link back to your own blog, this way new traffic will be coming to your site pretty soon. These nuggets will improve the traffic and popularity of the blog and have you making money online as soon as possible.

Back Links take precedence

Getting sites that have authority to link to your blog will hence forth improve your page rank. With a high page rank you have better standing in the search engine thus, more traffic. Another way of obtaining back links is to create a Posterous network and add your favorite social networking sites linking them to your blog- amazing numbers of back links. Don't forget sites like Squidoo, Hubpages and Blogger are excellent pages to have links coming from.

Example, if you have an income online blog then you would link to sites like it for better linkage.

Have relevant Content

It is best to have fresh relevant content that is updated regularly. Keep your site neat with no clutter, avoid too much ads. Images and videos are good but, too much can have Google look distasteful at your site. Have the content tight, relevant and use long tail keywords.

Have the right plug ins

Install All in One SEO plug in. This is an awesome plug in that will assist in the long run to bring targeted traffic to your site. Download and install plug in, then fill in the required fields using your primary keywords. Install SEO Smart- This is a great way to link all your tags and keywords.