Top four BBC comedy Podcasts

The BBC in the United Kingdom make a lot of the shows that they produce, available as podcasts that you can download and listen to when you like. That is the essence of podcasts really, when you can time shift your listening. They make it easy for you to subscribe to the podcasts, so that your podcatcher will download the podcast when it is available automatically. It uses RSS feeds to send the notices of podcasts being published to your podcatcher, whether you are using iTunes, Zune, Zencast or Stitcher. Get the podcast into your iPod or iPhone, or other MP3 player and you can listen where you want to also.

You do want to have a podcatcher that will download the episode for you, because there are some of the shows only available for perhaps seven days. If you forget to go to your RSS reader like Google reader then you will miss the chance to get the podcast. Apple iTunes is my choice for collecting podcasts. I can either tell it to globally download all episodes for me and to keep them or I can be more specific and say I only want the latest two to be kept. It depends on the podcast on how I set that up. Shows like the ‘Friday Night Comedy Podcast’ I would let build up so that I would have a good supply of laughs when ever I felt I needed it. Mind you I enjoy that one so much that I have always listened to it by the second day that it has been on my computer.

As you would expect the quality of the sound in the podcasts is of the highest quality.

Comedy of the week

This podcast gives you a lucky pick of whatever comedy they think is the comedy that will cheer you up that week. BBC Comedy is pretty good more often than not,so I would be prepared to give it a try probably get something good, or even hilarious. This podcast is published weekly on a Monday and if you are lucky you will get to listen to a classic British radio comedy like Just a Minute or you might get a show with a famous comedian like the very funny Lenny Henry. That will undoubtedly brighten your day or maybe even your week.

The podcast this week has a comedy about a fictional radio show called ‘Sparkhill Sound’ This radio station is in a part of the city that is my home town, Birmingham, and a part that is highly multicultural. The comedy is that they are trying so very hard to promote harmony, and failing miserably. I have not listened to this one yet, but I will add more to this article with a review of it as soon as I have listened from my iPhone, during a walk out with my dog.

Rhod GilbertRhod Gilbert’s Best Bits

Rhod Gilbert, Wales’s star of stand up comedy. In this podcast, which is published weekly on Radio Wales, every Saturday from 11 AM to 1 PM. Rhod is joined by fellow stand-up comedian Chris Corcoran for a bout of entertaining chat and banter. I really enjoyed a Television show that was broadcast a short while ago in which Rhod Gilbert was taking on the challenge of learning to be a tattoo artist. He was able to make lots of funny comments based on his lack of skill, and the fact that he had to actually give a brave victim a tattoo.

In the latest podcast shows available online, Rhod and his mate Chris Corcoran take the mickey out of what ever is happening in the news. So this week is the Eurovision Song Contest and before that the big Royal wedding. They just have to find plenty of funny things to say about that, I doubt if it will be a huge problem to find a subject matter to tease.

Friday night comedyFriday Night Comedy Podcast

This show I have been listening to for some time now, every week, and without fail it makes me laugh. I am sure that I look like a crazy man as I walk down the road, laughing out loud as I listen to the satirical comedy of either ‘The Now Show’ or ‘The News Quiz’. Whoever they have on, either of the shows they spend the time taking the mickey out of whatever has been happening in the news. It could be the death of Osama Bin Laden or about the politicians that have been caught again with their noses in the trough or as you might say, with their fingers in the till.

The News Quiz is actually a pseudo quiz and the presenter Sandi Toksvig will send up herself for being a short of stature, lesbian, Danish woman, just as much as everyone else on the show lays into the public figures of the world and of Britain. Always a funny show and I am pleased to recommend it to my friends, and even to people that I don’t know.

The other show which will take the place of the News quiz in this Friday Night Comedy slot is The Now Show it is the same lampooning type of taking the mickey out of anyone that deserves it, but not in a quiz format. The satire often involves the making up and singing of a song that is satirical in nature.

It doesn’t matter which show you listen to, in terms of entertainment value as they are both excellent and deliciously, wickedly funny.

JonHolmesJon Holmes

Jon appears on other shows including the ‘Now Show’, ‘Dead Ringers’ and others. This show he has a cheeky look at happenings of the week, instead of coming out on BBC Radio Four this one is broadcast on BBC 6 Music. So this might just be some inane ramblings in between the music that makes up most of the show. This comedian is usually quite amusing on the other shows I hear him on, so you could give this one a try to see if it makes you laugh.

Other Comedy on the BBC

The BBC does have other comedy on the network that is not put out as a podcast. For instance a radio play, a comedy drama called The Gobetweenies. It features the acting talents of David Tennant who was the previous Dr Who in the Tardis. As I write this, there is episode two of a four episode series and it will be available for 14 days after first airing on the network. So when you read this it may not be available, but I mention it, to show you that there is alway some comedy on the BBC that you can listen to, even if it is not an actual podcast. I have an application called Wiretap Studio that allows me to record the show if I want to listen to it later. I just route the sound from Safari to Wiretap and I can save it until later. There you go making my own podcasts with my Mac, how enterprising.