Fabulous gift ideas that wont be forgotten!

There are so many gift lists out there that it doesn’t solve the problem and make it any easier to choose, Its still hard to decide with all the choices. We narrowed it down to 14 top of the list gifts. Great gift ideas that anyone would love! Plus they are unique and in different price ranges. If all else fails and you don’t know what to buy, a Visa or Mastercard gift card is a great choice. They can spend them anywhere on anything they want.

Old Classic Hollywood Movies-  Great idea because so many people love old Hollywood classics! So many to choose from! Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor or James Dean to John Wayne. Gone with the wind or Some Like it Hot. A few classics in a nice basket with popcorn make a nice gift.                                

Nonnie Wallers pound cakes- Gorgeous and Delicious! One of the best pound cakes I ever tasted. Comes in a beautiful hatbox with a small bouquet of flowers delivered to your door.  A very special gift. Many design choices to choose from as well as Chocolate Truffles. See below pic

Keurig milk frother- Wow! I love this frother. So simple to use and it makes a creamy milky froth.  You just add milk and press a button. A Cappuccino lovers delight.

Out of Print Clothing T-Shirt- by Out of Print Clothing . Perfect for Book Lovers! These T-shirts feature classic book covers with a vintage feel. Very cool. Similar to vintage Rock N Roll T-shirts, but they are classic books. Adults and children

Growbottle Herb Planter-   by Growbottle. Crafted from recycled wine bottles, these glass vessels grow fresh herbs in your kitchen year-round. If you like fresh basil or rosemary, this is perfect.                                                       

Wine Aerator- I can’t believe I drank wine without this! I received this for a gift and I haven’t stopped using it. It Immedietly aerates your wine, no need to let the bottle breathe. Easy to use and must have wine tool.

Automatic Wine Opener- With one touch, the automatic wine opener removes natural or synthetic corks. Open your favorite wines effortlessly, no struggling with corkscrews, no broken cork fragments in your wine. Just press the switch! Corks are neatly removed without spills or mess.

Tri-Pod flashlight- Innovative, compact tripod design offers hands-free convenience. Weather-resistant, tripod legs. Perfect for a project or emergency situation. Multi-position head focuses light precisely where it’s needed. No more asking for assistance with holding a flashlight. 

Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS Digital Camera                                                                      Thin and powerful. At less than an inch deep and weighing just under five ounces, it will  fit right in your pocket. 12.1 Mega pixels, 5x optical zoom and ultra-detailed 1080p Full HD video, serious functionality, and a wealth of effects and automatic settings. And its under $200

80 Acres of McEvoy Ranch Body Balm in Blood Orange- Hydrate heels and nourish the knees with this fast-absorbing body balm, made with some of the finest organic extra-virgin olive oil around.

 Voluspa Candles in Santiago Huckleberry fragrance- Great candle and smells amazing. A candle paired with a fragrance Diffuser makes a great gift. Contains a highly refined blend of waxes that burns beautifully and maximizes the unique fragrances held by each candle.  45 hour burn time each candle

 Chirping Bird Magnetic Paper Clip Holder                                                                                 Turn a plain desk into a fabulous one with this melodic paper clip holder. Makes a wonderful office gift. Very very cute. See pic below

Kate Spade All-Occasion Gift Cards - This set of cards has five different designs for most all occasions, from "Happy Birthday" to "Congratulations" to "Get Well."  A great gift that we all can use. No more running out last minute to get a card.

Birds Nesting Necklace                                                                                                                              A great gift. These recycled sterling silver necklaces are sweet, simple and bound to become an favorite. Handmade in North Carolina, these darling birds perch happily on your collar bone representing your family. See Pic below

Nonnie Wallers Pound Cake gift box

Nonnie Wallers Pound Cake gift box

Singing magnetic bird clip holder

Singing magnetic bird clip holder

Birds nesting necklace

Birds nesting necklace