Learning the top reasons for frequent urinary tract infections can help prevent further bladder infections from reoccurring. The urinary tract becomes infected from bacteria that has entered your urinary system that can include the bladder, kidneys, urethra, or any other part of the urinary system. 85% of frequent urinary tract infections come from E.coli. It's important to treat urinary tract infections before they lead to serious health conditions.

Frequent urinary tract infections can be painful symptoms to deal with. Those who are at risk of developing bladder infections are mostly women. Women are much more likely to develop urinary tract infections than men. About half of women experience a urinary tract infection at least once. When they turn into frequent urinary tract infections, they can lead to serious health conditions.

Frequent urinary tract infection symptoms

Frequent urinary tract infection symptoms will continue occur and pain can result into strong irritation when urinating. Chronic urinary tract infection symptoms can some show blood in the urine. You might feel a burning sensation when urinating, which could indicate bladder infections. Specific symptoms of urinary tract infection in the kidneys, known as acute pyelonephritis can experience side pain, nausea, and vomiting.

Cystitis (bladder infection) symptoms will cause in abdomen pain, painful urination, and pelvic pain. Urethra infection symptoms will experience a burning sensation when urinating. If you're experiencing frequent symptoms, then you should see a doctor for an evaluation. Frequent urinary tract infections are serious health conditions.

Top reasons for frequent urinary tract infections

Hygiene: Lack of hygiene can lead to urinary tract infections. You should use a strong anti-bacterial soap to bathe with. A recommended bar soap to use is aloe vera, or emu soap. Emu soap might be hard to find, but it also contains strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Diabetes: Those with diabetes have an increasing risk of developing frequent urinary tract infections since white blood cells don't usually go where needed, because of poor circulation due to diabetes. According to studies, women are 2 to 3 times more likely to develop urinary tract infections than non-diabetic women. A diabetics body doesn't respond to the fight of bacteria as well.

Age: One of the top reasons for frequent urinary tract infections comes with age. As you age, the body's immune system starts to break down. A weaken immune system will lead to aging, and diseases. Healthy habits become more crucial as we age. Women 65 and over are at higher risk of urinary tract infections.

Sexually active: Being sexually active is one of the more common reasons for frequent tract infections. Sexual diseases can come from lack of protection during sexual intercourse. Best advice is to practice in safe sex, and to ask your partner for medical checkups before engaging in sexual intercourse.

Home remedies for frequent urinary tract infections

Frequent urinary tract infections can be treated using home remedies. You'll want to apply a strong antioxidant diet to help fight off any disease and infections. I'd recommend eating foods containing high amounts of vitamin E and vitamin C. Herbal supplements can play a role into treating bladder infections. A good diet can help rid out toxins and bacteria in the body. Also drinking a high amount of fluids, especially water can help remove harmful wastes from the body.

Consider taking turmeric capsules, and using turmeric powder to treat bladder infections. Turmeric has very strong anti-bacterial properties, and can naturally treat pain. Turmeric is a very effective herbal medicine, that can treat numerous of different ailments. Turmeric might cause some indigestion, so take with caution.

Another highly recommended remedy is cinnamon. You can find cinnamon capsules at local health stores, and use cinnamon oil to apply to the bladder for infections. Cinnamon is one of the stronger bacterial enemies. It kills 99% of E.coli. However, if you kidney problems don't take cinnamon capsules. Too much cinnamon can lead to kidney damage. Definitely discuss with your doctor before taking supplements.

Another recommended herbal remedy for frequent urinary tract infections is garlic. Garlic can be used as a very effect method to fight infections in the body. Raw garlic, or aged garlic is recommended. I'd use raw garlic to apply to the bladder, and aged garlic to take as capsules for the antioxidant effects. You can also drink garlic juice, if you can stand the taste.