Cheap cruises - dream on

The most expensive yachts in the world are privately owned but if you have just won the lottery or simply want to spend every penny you will ever earn saving up for a cruise of a lifetime then you’ve come to the right place. Here we present the 10 most expensive and luxurious yachts for hire. You may not be able to afford any of them but there’s no harm in dreaming.

10. Four wishes – 143,000USD/week

This luxury yacht features 8 luxury cabins with king sized beds, cable, and DVD players. It also boasts a lounge, gym, game room, wet bar and Jacuzzi which considering it is only around 50feet in length is an incredible amount of stuff. The charter tours the coast of Maine and your itinerary is carefully scheduled to suit your own needs.

9. Mangusta – 58,100USD/week

At only 25 meters long you might not thing this will be a hugely luxurious yacht but you would be incredibly mistaken. The key thing about this yacht is the speed which is incredible as it reaches 50 miles per hour easily. It has 6 luxury cabins and a sun deck and is the best of all ways to tour the French Riviera.

8. Apogee 450,000USD/week

At 62 and a half metres long this yacht really begins to raise the price and bar for luxury yacht cruises. It features seven luxury cabins across 5 decks and has all the features to make you know you are rich with sun lounges, a 22 feet bar, jukebox, karaoke, terrace and a 12 person Jacuzzi. This is rented in the Bahamas making it the best yacht for luxury playboy style living.

7. RM Elegant 612,000USD/week

The Elegant more than lives up to its name and price tag at 72.2 metres of decadence. Touring the Mediterranean this luxury yacht features dining rooms, a beauty parlour, 15 king sized bedrooms, massage rooms, bars and an outdoor hot tub. The 30 man crew features cooks and a pianist so the food is excellent and there’s plenty of entertainment if for some incredible reason you are bored.

6. Big D 133,000USD/week

This used to be owned by a famous Hollywood star and is an incredibly luxurious yacht at 45.3 metres. This Mediterranean tourer features a Jacuzzi and luxury rooms with a whole complement of boys toys including wave riders and diving equipment.

5. Tia Moana 300,000USD/week

At 70 metres and with 5 decks this is a beautiful luxury yacht that tours from Bora Bora. The boat has 30 double cabins, lounges, two outdoor Jacuzzis, a library, a gym, spa services, a swimming pool and bars. If you want to cruise the south pacific in style this is your very best bet.


4. The Starship 150,000USD/week

Better than the enterprise this is the pinnacle of ship building technology at 44 metres of pure power and style. The ship features 5 luxury cabins with all the luxuries of a penthouse flat and has an on board lounge, Jacuzzi, wet bar and swimming pool. Sails around Antigua and St. Kitts making it a fantastic island hopping choice.

3. The Mirabella V 300,000USD/week

This is a traditional yacht through and through but still steeped in luxury. At 75.2 metres long it is a huge sailing boat (though it does feature motors). It has 6 suites and a twelve man crew. Each suites features marbled bathrooms, large flat screen TV’s and cable. On board you can also find a Jacuzzi, pool, gym and sauna, bar and dining room as well as opportunities for water skiing, scuba diving and kayaking.

2. Utopia 603,000USD/week

The Utopia is exactly as you’d expect from its name a Utopia on water. It’s cost is astronomical and it features 71.6 metres of carefully designed pleasure palace including bars, a large open plan deck, gym, Jacuzzi and 6 gorgeous king sized bedrooms. The master bedroom has its own private deck and Jacuzzi making it an absolutely gorgeous choice when touring the Greek Isles.

1. The Sea Dream 700,000USD/week

This is the most expensive yacht it is possible to rent and is an absolutely incredible palace that reaches a staggering 104 metres in length. It features more decadence than any other boat on our list with spa, beauty parlour, treatment rooms, saunas, swimming pools, bars, dining rooms and bedrooms to rival any penthouse in the world. If you are rich this will still make you feel like a sultan so if you can afford it get going we’ll just sit here feeling jealous.