Top 10 father's day gift ideas for 2011

            Ok, if you’re like me, always procrastinating to buy gifts for his dad, the problem is that there’s not enough selection out there to choose from on a shoestring budget yet looks deceptively pricey. Well, look no further because today’s article is all about Father’s day gifts. I’ll compile a list of top ten gifts you can choose from that says, “I love you, dad” without actually having to say it and give you that “warm, mushy” feeling you get (you know what I mean). In order to get the widest range of gifts as possible, I will list the gifts in least expensive to most expensive. The rest is up to you.

Gift #1) Father’s day Hallmark card—ah the Hallmark cards, filled with well thought out, meaningful words that express how you truly feel. And for less than five bucks this gift tops the number one spot as the best (and cheapest) way to appreciate your dear old pops.

Gift #2) Neckties—this one is a step up to a Hallmark card (not by much). The hard part is trying to match it with his clothes and this is where “buyer’s remorse” comes into play.

Gift #3) His favorite brand of cologne- well, since you have no clue in this department better ask for mom’s advice on this one. Better yet, ask the salespeople what’s the popular gentlemen’s preferred choice of brand cologne.

Gift #4) Brand new watch— if you care about your dad’s style, this one is definitely a good look for your dear old dad (And I bet he would really appreciate it too!)

Gift #5) Dress shoes— this is a step down from the watch but is definitely in the “buying styles for dad” category. Make sure it matches his clothing, people.

Gift #6) a subscription magazine to his favorite hobby-- this one gives you extra kudos points for creativity. Just make sure that he really does like the hobby, like all gifts, a little research is required.

Gift #7) brand new laptop- ok if you’re dad likes computers, then a flashy laptop is the way to go. Make sure to purchase the warranties that come along with it just in case dad is not as computer savvy like the rest of us.

Gift #8) Spending quality time—throw a party and take him out for a dinner in his honor (It’s the least you can do after eating his groceries for 18 years, right?)

Gift # 9) Treadmill—your dad might not be too thrilled about this gift but at least you still cared enough to think about his future (Just like he did with yours). Focus on the positive sides of the gift and he might be sold on it.

Gift #10) HDTV – talk about “wow!” if you chose this one, you’re dad must have been really nice and nurturing to you when you were growing up. Again, buy the warranties, just for peace of mind.

           There you have it. My top ten father’s day gifts for 2011. Make sure you choose a gift based on your budget or your generosity depending on your perspective. Remember, the best father’s day gift is the one that comes from the heart. Happy Father’s day gift hunting!