Get rid of your hangover!

Hangovers are the bane of many of our existences and sometimes we seem to get them having barely touched a drop. With that in mind we have put together of the ten best hangover cures, so get trying one or two or three – depends how hung-over you are really.

10. Coffee

Coffee is well known to wake you up and get the blood pumping. Whilst this might make your hangover worse initially it will help get rid of it quicker. Coffee will wake you up very quickly so you can hopefully get about your day – though you may want to stay in bed of course.

9. Hair of the dog

The infamous hair of the dog is simply having another alcoholic drink to postpone the hangover. Generally this will delay your hangover rather than curing it but it can alleviate your ill feelings long enough to get some of these other remedies down you.

8. Vitamins

Taking vitamin pills will quickly get your body back into shape. You lose many of your essential vitamins especially B12 when you’re drinking so getting them back quickly will help you recover much quicker. Taking a few vitamin pills with breakfast will have you feeling better by midday.


7. Raw eggs

If you can stomach them then raw eggs are full of protein and will help you recover quickly. Most of the traditional hangover cocktail cures are a mixture of raw eggs and alcohol the most famous of course being orange juice, raw eggs, vodka and Worcestershire sauce – though if you can drink that I would suggest you are not that hung-over.

6. Smoothies

A smoothie is a great way to help replace lost fluids and vitamins as well as giving you a huge boost of sugars. Giving your body sugar will help re-activate it. Fruit smoothies are the best though you can add milk and yoghurt if you so choose.

5. A fry up

A greasy fry up is one of the most popular and well known hangover cures. The grease is easy to eat and settles churning stomachs like nothing else. It will replace a lot of the salt you lose from drinking and alongside a lot of drink this will help you no end in your hangover cure.

4. Pain killers

Pain killers are of course the quickest way to cure a headache so if you are really suffering then this is a good place to start. However taking pain killers regularly makes them less effective so we would recommend some of the others as the best long term plan to regularly alleviate hangovers.

3. Sleep

Sleeping through your hangover is of course a great way to cure and even avoid one. If you can wake up get lots of fluids and head back to bed. The stillness will keep your head from throbbing as well as giving your body time to revitalise. Sleep also means you can avoid feeling your hangover which is a win win situation in our book.

2. Exercise

Now this is the last thing on most people’s minds when they wake up with a hangover but getting up out of bed and heading to get some exercise is a great way to cure your hangover. It will get your blood flowing and ease aching muscles very quickly. The blood pumping  to your head will eventually alleviate the headaches and the oxygen increase will do wonders for your body.

1. Water

Water is simply the best hangover cure in the world. We lose vast amounts of water on a drinking session and getting it back in our system is the bbest hangover cure – and the healthiest.  If you drink a few pints of water before sleep you will vastly improve your odds of no getting a hangover too.