No Mcdonalds here i'm afraid just the most expensive food money can buy!

This has been a difficult list to write because the prices of these items vary from season to season. However, despite that, these 10 foods are generally the most expensive things you can eat. The ordering is based partly on price and partly on how luxurious they are considered to be.

10. Oysters

Oysters are famed the world over for their price and their reputation as a leading aphrodisiac. Whilst we can’t verify this idea, and frankly by the look of them you wouldn’t think they have any special properties, we can verify that these are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Generally oysters are served raw with lemon though they can be cooked.

9. Matsutake mushrooms

This is a species of mushroom found in east asia and is most commonly grown in Japan. The mushrooms are a rare delicacy in Japan and form a very large gift when given as part of local custom. Prices can reach as high as 2000 dollars per kilogram at the peak of the season which is when the mushrooms are first developing and are at their most flavoursome.

8. Lobster

The lobster industry is worth over 2 billion US dollars a year and whilst not hugely overpriced it still is one of the most expensive foods around. Lobster is generally boiled and served with butter but turns up in much more extravagant dishes from time to time. Lobsters have a taste similar to prawns and other crayfish but are slightly richer.

7. Foie Gras

Foie gras is duck or goose liver that has been specially grown to make into foie gras. The method involves force feeding through a tube in the throat making this a less than humane process. Foie Gras does exist in a more expensive form where it has been naturally reared but this is regrettably few and far between. There has been a huge media backlash against the practice in recent years though it hasn’t quite abated.

6. Puffer fish

Puffer fish is the legendary fish that if prepared incorrectly can cause death. This is surprisingly common occurrence in its native land of japan where it is known as Fugu. A special license is required to serve the fish and a tiny mistake can cause fatality so it is highly prized, priced and incredibly risky. A pin heads worth of poison is sufficient to kill a fully grown adult so partake at your own risk.

5. Bird’s nest

You may have heard of bird nest soup but this usually (in western countries) involves nothing more than some carefully prepared noodles. Proper bird’s nest soup is made from the nests of cave swifts who produce a special kind of saliva that is collected at great danger by rock climbers and then made into soup. They are considered a delicacy in many parts of East Asia and are used in traditional Chinese medicines.

4. Kobe beef

Kobe beef is produced from a very rare breed of cattle that is only found in one province of Japan - Hyōgo. The breeding and curing processes are a closely guarded secret. It is fed a special diet which makes the meat tender and fatty and each cow is given regular special massaged which supposedly help in keeping the meat soft and tender. Prices can reach as much as $400/pound which is incredibly high for beef.

3. White truffles

White truffles are well known as an expensive delicacy around the world and they are a tuber found only in a few select locations around the world. They give off a very pungent and hard to miss smell and were traditionally found by truffle hounds or pigs which could detect the smells most readily. They are incredibly expensive and usually used as a garnish. The white truffle is the rarest of the lot and by far the most expensive.

2. Saffron

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world and costs up to 2,500 dollars per pound. The reason for such a high price tag is that each plant flower must be picked by hand and only a tiny per cent of each flower actually yields spice. Interestingly the spice itself is not incredibly flavoursome so it is curious that it reaches such a high price tag.

1. Beluga caviar

Whilst all caviar fetches a hefty price tag none is more renowned or expensive than Beluga caviar which fetches up to 6000 USD per kilo. Caviar is basically fish eggs and the adult Beluga can reach weights of up to 20 tonnes. Caviar is graded based on its colour with the lighter hues of purple tending to be the most sought after and expensive. It is generally served on plain toast but also as an addition to many dishes where it serves as a garnish – well for the rich anyway.