Here I present you the most expensive aircraft in active duty the world over. These represent the pinnacle of technology and air warfare and the price tags you’d expect these weapons to fetch is incredible.


10. EA-18G Growler


The growler is a US naval aircraft designed to suppress enemy air defences with countermeasures and jamming to disrupt enemy communications and targeting. It cost 102 million dollars and has proved highly successful at cloaking US movements.


9. V-22 Osprey

The Osprey is primarily a transport vehicle that also serves as a jet fighter. It is capable of vertical take offs making and has been used extensively in the current Iraq war. It’s weaponry capabilities allow it to engage both ground and air defences and it costs 118 million USD.


8. Rockwell B1 lancer

Another stealth bomber this aircraft has been around for almost 40 years and cost 200 million USD to build. It is a supersonic bomber that reaches speeds of up to 1550km/h making it incredible for fast bombing attacks. It’s ability to fly low over enemy territory has made it an incredibly useful weapon in wars such as Kosovo and Iraq where it conducted a variety of effective bombing missions.

7. E-2D Advance Hawkeye

The Hawkeye has been designed, as its name might suggest, for reconnaissance and target acquisition and surveillance. It cost 232 million dollars to make and has only been in operation for 4 years. Versions of this aircraft have been around for over 60 years but the latest model features counter measures, radar cloaking and a variety of spy equipment making it perfect for all kinds of stealth activities.

6. VH71 Kestrel

The kestrel is a transport helicopter that has been in  operation only a short time, since 2007. It is used by the US marines and can carry 14 passengers making it ideally for small incursions and light reconnaissance missions. It cost 241 million USD to build and can reach and impressive 309km/h making it fast and efficient at quickly deploying troops.

5. P-8A Poseidon

One of the most impressive stealth and reconnaissance aircraft there is the Poseidon features the very best in technology to give a second by second battle analysis and tactical display. It is designed to scramble electronic signals and as a defence against submarines – it costs a whopping 290million USD.

4. Boeing C-17 Globemaster 3

Boeing may be better known for their commercial jets but this military cargo plane is perhaps the most expensive thing they’ve ever built at a cost of 328 million USD. It is 174 feet in length and not armed but designed to carry tanks and other heavy combat vehicles whilst still being able to land on harsh and unforgiving terrain.

3. Raptor f-22A

The raptor is a stealth jet fighter which replaced the F15 previously used by the US military. This incredibly agile aircraft can avoid radar detection and is equipped with the M61A2 Vulcan cannon and a 6 AIM-120C AMRAAM missiles which put its price tag to almost 350 million USD. The aircraft excels in aerial combat and for taking out armoured targets.


2. F35 Lighting

The lighting is the most advanced jet fighter in the world featuring a single machine gun and a complement of missiles. It cost 300million USD and is the most versatile of all aircraft able to perform a variety of combat functions on land, sea and air.


1. B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber

The spirit is a modernised version of the traditional B2 and is one of the best steal planes available in the world. The craft cost nearly 2.4billion USD to develop and make and are incredible. They can carry a huge payload of weaponry including multiple nuclear warhead, missiles and reconnaissance equipment. They are undetectable to radar and have a flight range of 1,500 miles.