While a lot of people prefer the country life or a quieter city London has a huge amount to offer everyone and it’s one of the most exciting cities in the world. London is one of the best places to work and live but if you need convincing we thought it would be fun to look at the ten best reasons to live in London – from the fun to the serious!

10.  Jobs

London has more jobs than any other part of the country and so you will have more opportunities here than you will anywhere else in the country. The diversity of opportunities available means that it’s much easier to find a job you want to do! Plus most jobs come with a London allowance which takes the sting off the higher prices London boasts.

9. Luxury

London really is a city of Luxury and even if you can’t treat yourself all the time it’s great to be able to do so from time to time. Whether you want to take tea at the Ritz or explore Harrods and the glamorous Kensington London has a lot of luxury to offer and it’s great to spend some of your time pampering yourself!

8. Houses and flats

London undoubtedly offers some of the best living in the country with some beautiful areas and incredible opportunities. Flats to rent in London may be expensive but you can find some of the best luxury living available anywhere in the world; from luxury penthouses costing millions to smaller flats and houses in community areas.

7.  Entertainment

Entertainment is at its finest in the world in London and there really is something for everyone every day of the week. There are the shows, the theatre, the opera, the clubs, pubs, bars and live music. There really is a lot of entertainment on offer and plenty of it is free from the Jubilee to the big screens in the parks for the Olympics and more!

6. History

London was the centre of the largest empire the world has ever seen and boasts an incredible history. The architecture is simply incredible and the history of this city is incomparable to anything else in the world. There are a plethora of museums to explore and the UK’s most important historical treasures.

5. Shopping

London’s shopping is incredible and there’s a shopping area for everyone. From popular Oxford Street to the sleazey markets of Camden there really is a world of shopping opportunities in London which makes it a great place to live!

4. Community

Visitors to London often find it cold and unwelcoming but when you live here it’s an entirely different story. The centre of London may be cold at times but the small communities of each area make it a really warm place for anyone living there. There are literally thousands of community groups and events which makes it actually a really warm and welcoming city with plenty on offer for all!

3. Green Spaces

Despite being such a built up city London has some fantastic green spaces and beautiful parks. Hyde Park and St. James; are undoubtedly the nicest of the parks but there are plenty of great places that come alive in the summer months. They are great places to pass away the day and enjoy a more relaxed side of London.

2. Eating

London’s restaurants are absolutely incredible and the cuisine on offer is, as far as I’m concerned, the very best in the world. There are so many world renowned restaurants and far more lesser known splendours that you can eat out every night and still not try the half. You don’t even have to spend that much to have a great meal which makes it even better.

1. The Diversity

London has a diversity that few cities can really rival. There’s the diversity of culture and sub-culture. There’s a rich ethnic diversity throughout the city and so many micro-communities that it is forever exciting to experience. As a city London really can offer everything to everyone and it is a constant pleasure with something new and exciting to enjoy every day.