The best sources of Riboflavin

How to get Riboflavin into your diet

Riboflavin is one of the most essential factors in maintaining a high metabolism so helps you lose weight and keeps the body functioning properly. Lack of riboflavin most impacts your mouth and lead to ulcers and inflammations. Keeping your body well stocked with riboflavin is a great way to stay healthy so with that in mind we’ve found the tem best sources of riboflavin.

10. Sun dried tomatoes

Sun dried tomatoes are a brilliant food and complement almost any kind of cooking whether it be pasta, chicken or fish. They are high in iron and potassium and contain 29% of your daily dose of riboflavin per 100 gram serving.

9. Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are so good they could almost be a superfood. They are high in calcium, protein, zinc, copper and iron as well as containing a slew of vitamins. A 100 gram serving gives you 27% of your recommended daily intake of riboflavin. These are easy to have as a snack or can be incorporated into a variety of dishes so there’s no excuse not to indulge in them.

8. Fish

Fish is of course rich in Omega 3 and high in protein, calcium and lots of vitamins. When it comes to getting enough riboflavin your best options are mackerel, salmon and trout. These three all offer 25% and over of your recommended daily intake per 100 gram serving with mackerel being the best at 32% which is less than the size of the average fillet.

7. Wheat bran

Bran is incredibly high in fibre which keeps the digestive system working well so it is essential for your overall wellbeing. Wheat bran is also a great source of magnesium. A 100 gram serving gives you 34% of your recommended daily intake. If you are happy eating bran cereals then you can get a large dose in the mornings along with many other beneficial grains.

6. Cheese

Though cheese is very high fat it is good for you in small doses as it provides calcium, protein and many vitamins. In terms of riboflavin Roquefort and Brie are the best options giving 34 and 311% of your recommended daily intake peer hundred grams respectively. Cheese and crackers as a lunchtime snack won’t overly strain your weight so this is a nice easy way to keep you stocked up on riboflavin – providing, of course, you like cheese.

5. Soybeans

Soybeans are great as part of a larger dish or roasted as a snack. They contain lots of beneficial properties but can be high in salted so be careful when choosing a variety. A 100 gram serving gives you 44% of your daily requirements for riboflavin so they make a pretty good snack.

4. Almonds

Almonds are often overlooked when most people look to nuts but they are one of the best sources of riboflavin out there as well as including a huge number of other vitamins and minerals including copper, magnesium and zinc.  In terms of riboflavin a 100gram serving will give you 60% of your recommended daily intake so they are well worth snacking and grazing over when the opportunity arises.

3. Herbs, spices and peppers

Herbs spices and peppers are great sources of many of our essential vitamins and minerals and this is no exception when it comes to riboflavin. Chilli’s offer the best source of riboflavin at 133% of your daily requirements but if you can eat that many you probably have a tongue of steal. Good alternatives are paprika, coriander and parsley all of which offer around 50% of your daily requirements per hundred grams. Spicing up your cooking is the easiest way to ensure that you get everything you need.

2. Liver

Liver is great for you for a huge variety of vitamins and minerals as most animals store large reserves within their livers. Lamb liver is the best for riboflavin providing you with over 250% of your daily intake from 100 grams. If you like pate don’t overindulge as it is high in cholesterol but a little here and there will go a long way to maintaining your health.

1. Yeast extract

If you like marmite then this is one of the best and healthiest sources of riboflavin available. It is also an excellent source of thiamine and other essential minerals. 100 grams gives 841% of your recommended daily input but you’d have to really love marmite to want anywhere near that much. Having it on your toast is however a great way to improve your overall health so this makes an easy breakfast choice even if you’re in a rush.