Look at all of those Jellies!

Candy Crush Level 65

Due to the popularity of my article on how to beat level 33 on Candy Crush Saga, I’ve decided to write one regarding another extremely tough level – the dreaded 65.  In this setup, there are 64 squares that contain jellies to be cleared, 53 of those which contain 2 jellies.  There are also candies in cages, along with multiple chocolates just itching to take over your board.  This is not an easy board to get past, but let’s look at some tips that will help…


1)    Clear the chocolates early – While this is a great tip generally for all levels, it really rings true for level 65.  The main reason for this is that chocolate covers a new candy every time you don’t remove one – and covered candies can’t have their jellies removed!  If you don’t remove these chocolates early, you’re going to be spending an extra 10+ moves fighting them, which is about 10 moves too many to lose.


2)    Combos combos combos – There are so many jellies and so little moves on this board (50 moves to be exact).  It is absolutely critical that you actively look for ways to get the striped candies (combos of 4), candy packets (2 combos of 3 simultaneously), and the top dog – the candy bomb (combos of 5). 

 When you get a combo, don’t necessarily use it right away as a striped candy and candy packet will help eliminate about 30 jellies when combined.  It’s worth a couple moves to get these two combos together.


3)    Ignore the top till the end – Similar to level 33, there is no sense in removing the candies from the top early.  There are going to be a ton of matches happening naturally as you remove the jellies from the bottom, so any moves that you use in the early stages are just a waste.


4)    Free the candy! – There are 6 candies in cages to start the board, and there’s nothing worse than having one of them be the last jelly in your way with only a few moves left.  Since they’re in such an inconvenient spot, it’s important that when you’re not clearing the chocolate spaces you’re trying to free the candy from the cages. 

 These spots are generally going to be the last ones you need to clear at the end, so keep that in mind while you play.


5)    Patience with your candy bombs – Everyone loves to get the candy bomb.  It’s pretty, powerful, and really fun to use.  What some people don’t know, however, is that its power increases exponentially when combined with a striped candy.  When this combination occurs, ALL of the same color candies turn into stripes and simultaneously go off.  This will likely clear almost all of the board, and is almost a prerequisite for winning this level.

 It doesn’t matter if it takes you an extra 10 moves, you should wait to match the candy bomb with a striped candy.  The only exception to this is if the chocolates are taking over your board, in which case you have no choice but to act!



What other tips do players have for this board?  Did you pass it easily or were you stuck on it for weeks?

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