Top tips for aspiring motivational speakers

If you aspire to make career as a motivational speaker all you must is a structured approach to move on. Unless you step down as the American president, Olympic marathon champion or the first man on the moon, your chances of being spotted by speaker’s bureaus are slim if you do not fight for their attention. Do not get this wrong - there are hundreds of great keynote speakers without front page names and without incredible achievements in another sector of life. Though politicians and pop stars can have the media hype, however, their past may or may not be able to connect with the audiences in sharing the words of wisdom and energy. In many respects, with proper marketing you can outplay big shots at their own game and build a thriving brand for yourself. Follow the five tips below to make your dream come true.

1. Start on a shoestring

Remember that organizers pay you well for your speeches only when you have a good reputation for this job. This means that in the early stages you need to swallow your pride and work for experience, and not money. Though nothing comes free, however, consider this as an investment while doing at low or no cost. By the way, instead of giving up pay at the start, you might try to negotiate some modest fees even for your first runs. As you build up your place, you should be able to ask more.

2. Document yourself

Most professional motivational speakers or people in leadership training feature video clips of their own performance in live situations and you cannot afford to be different in this department. This is a major promotional tool and probably one of the key pieces of information to tip the sponsor's opinion whether to hire you or not. Ensure you upload the best of your performances when you see you’re a good impact on your audiences. Snapping a couple of pics to go with your offering is a good idea too.

3. Branch out from a niche

It’s recommended to take a local market with a storm since its better than taking up large crowd from the very start. It’s good if you handle a small crowd and win their hearts and mind rather going for a big one. At small places, it’s easy to escalate in your career path including getting good money.

4. Go viral

See your every performance as an opportunity to promote yourself and sell more bookings. Make sure your speech makes a splash that you capitalize on, at least by leaving business cards and letting things spread out on Facebook or Twitter and approaching management consulting. So give the best impression as it will pull more people towards you to organize more shows.

5. Come with innovation

It is in your interest to not repeat yourself too much. The best motivational speakers adapt their speeches to a considerable extent even if they do the same topic again.