Living in the nation’s capital can be a daunting prospect if you don’t know the area. Couple this with the fact that many parts of London have incredibly high rental prices and it is easy to feel a little bit panicked when trying to find a good place to live in a nice area. There are lots of things to balance and if you want to find the best places to live in London you’re going to need to do some legwork. With that in mind we thought we’d present a brief guide to living in London and some top tips on choosing the right property for you!


More than living anywhere else in the country budget is the most important thing to consider when you are planning on living in London. It can be easy to think you can afford a property only to find that the bills, council tax and the cost of living in London itself put the flat slightly out of reach. Before you actually start thinking about renting in London you need to get a clear idea of your own finances and how much you can really afford to pay – EVERYTHING and I mean Everything is more expensive in London than anywhere else. So, make sure you have a full grasp of your finances!

Avoid central London

While living in central London is prestigious and makes it much easier to enjoy this incredible city the costs are going to be a lot higher if you live in the centre. Greater London gives you access to some great communities and you don’t have to spend hours heading into the centre. A 30-40 minute bus or train ride isn’t too bad; though commuting every day can get a little tiresome of course. Start looking out of central London but within a good commuting distance to save some money! However, when you do this remember to factor in the costs of your commute each month as this will be on top of your rent!

Look at your commute

Commuting in London can be a nightmare and when you’re looking to rent in London you really want to pay attention to how long you will need to spend travelling to and from work each day. Adding an extra two hours to your day can be a little too much so plan where you want to live around access to work! It’s great to be near a train station but bus services are pretty good throughout London; just try and find a direct route! Also be sure, as I mentioned above, to factor in the cost of your commute into how much money you will have to rent and live in a particular area.


Where you live in London is of course highly important and it is a good idea to do some extensive research on what is available in your area and what the area is generally like. Even though you will be living in London you will, undoubtedly, end up spending more time in our local area so you will want to make sure that you have a good understanding on what is available in each area.


Finally if you’re looking to rent in London then make sure that you go through a reputable rental site or agency as there are still some unscrupulous landlords in many parts of London. Make sure you read and fully understand any contract before you sign it and make sure you have a clear understanding of fees etc. that might apply.