Skin ages, it is a fact of life but there are many things that we can do to help with this. These tips for maintaining younger looking skin can broadly be separated into two groups, firstly are the tips that make your skin appear younger, these are usually external changes, and secondly, there are tips that actually make your younger, these are internal changes. 

Tips for younger looking skin: 

Internal Changes:

- Antioxidant rich diet

- Anti aging creams

- Vitamins and supplements 

External Changes:

- A regular skincare regime

- Moisturizer

- Sunscreen

- Avoiding pollution and smoking 

External changes will make you look better and can also help with your skin becoming healthier, however they do not specifically target the repair mechanisms of the skin. Simple things such as moisturizing can make skin look hydrated and lively, especially after a night out or a long flight. Moisturizer is even more effective when combined with a regular skincare regime such as cleansing and toning, ensuring your skin and your pores are always clean and free of pollutants. Avoiding pollutants is also best for your skin, as is avoiding sunburn, which is a leading cause of damaged and aged skin. 

Internal changes will help your skin to repair itself from the inside out. Our skin is a leaving, breathing, and complex biological membrane. We can help keep it healthy by providing vitamins, and more specifically, anti-oxidants such as coenzyme q10, which help our skin repair itself. The major cause of aging is the effect of free radicals on the collagen and elastin in the basal layer of our skin, and the enemy of free radicals is the anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants can be found in fruit, vegetables, green tea as well as many moisturizers and topical creams that provide additional anti-oxidants to our skin. Using a variety of techniques to increase the amount of anti-oxidants in your skin will slow down the natural aging process, as well as helping to repair and replace essential collagen and elastin proteins. 

These skin care tips don’t require any wholesale changes or investment, but follow them and you will see results. With a combined internal and external approach anyone can keep their skin looking younger as well as staying younger for years to come.

With these simple tips you can keep your skin looking younger and healthier every day.