Topeak Fuel Tank Bag

The Topeak Fuel Tank Bag is part of the current trend in rackless (meaning the luggage straps directly to the frame) bags, this is a big thing right now, particularly with the rise in bike packing, it Topeak Fuel Tank Large ReviewCredit: Amazon.commeans you don't need the weight of the rack, plus the luggage is easy to fit and remove from your bicycle, A whole industry has been created catering for this demand, with small scale producers offering to make custom fit bags for your bike, at a price...

Top tube bags, also known as Fuel Tanks or Gas Tanks (as they are a great place to store food and snacks, plus they do look a little like a motorcycle gas tank), by their very nature do not need to be custom designed to fit your frame so Topeak have seen an opportunity to get into this market with their Topeak Fuel Tank Bag range, which along with a variety of handlebar bags and saddle bags gives them a commanding position in the bike accessories business.

As well as a medium sized fuel tank, Topeak have made a large sized bag, with the following characteristics:

  • 9x3x4 inches in size
  • Weight 5.28oz (150g)
  • Capacity 45ci (0.75l)

The large fuel tank is 50% bigger than the medium bag, for a 25% increase in weight, like the medium is still 3 inches wide so shouldn’t rub your knees while pedalling, although depending on the width of your top tube you may need to trim the Velcro straps to avoid them becoming irritating.

Internally there is a large compartment, the large fuel tank comes with a Velcro divider that can be moved and a mesh pocket on the left hand side, the specification on Amazon suggests that there are two mesh pockets, but I can only find one!

The waterproof zip opens towards you making the bag easy to open, it also means that the divider can be used to create a small fairly secure pocket at the front – as long as you don’t open the zip fully things should be relatively secure inside. The zip neatly stows away under a hood, which will also improve the bag’s water resistant abilities, although I don’t think it would protect its contents from a sustained soaking, a shower or puddle or two wouldn’t cause any problems.

Just like the medium Topeak fuel tank bag, the large has three Velcro straps that hold the bag firmly onto the top tube. With high-grip rubber patches to further ensure the bag doesn’t slip once attached.

Like all Topeak products the quality is very good, with no rough stitching or any faults evident on my bag, the yellow interior is really good for being able to see tools, parts or other items.

The large fuel tank is a great size for longer trips, or as a replacement for a backpack on shorter mountain bike trips (assuming you use a water bottle rather than camelbak style system), I can easily get my pump, tools, spares and tube, along with a lightweight packable waterproof inside, and I don’t have to get off the bike to reach them.

I have no hesitating in recommending the Large Topeak Fuel Tank to anyone, a really good, useful addition to your cycling equipment.

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