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Toptube bags have been around for a while now, initially popularised by triathletes and subsequently by the touring and bikepacking fraternity. They make a great alternative to handlebar bags or saddle bags due to their compact size and ease of access.

Now bike accessories manufacturer Topeak have entered the market with their fuel tank, this new addition to the huge range of topeak cycle bags and is part of their top tube bag range that includes a various tri-bags and a medium and a large fuel tank.

Clearly taking inspiration from the bikepacking luggage making cottage industry, where people such as Revelate Designs have been making their bicycle gas tanks for years, Topeak would not want to lose out on business of course and so have entered this growing market.

The first fuel tank Topeak have made is a medium sized bag that measures 6.9x3x4.3 inches, which means it sits quite neatly on top of the tube without any danger of your knees catching it. Inside is a single compartment with a mesh pocket, there are no dividers with this version.

It has three attachment points, one around the steerer tube and two around the top tube, all velco, one of the top tube attachments is adjustable to allow you to fit around a gusset or cable stop, there is even a rubberised area on each strap which helps with keeping the bag stable once the Velcro is pulled tight, which is a nice touch.

The Topeak medium fuel tank weighs in at 120g (4.22oz), which is slightly heavier than the larger Revelate Gas Tank (approx. 100g or 3.5oz), not a huge amount considering the Topeak retails at $30 less than the Revelate. However, the Revelate is a more complex design – with a tapering profile and a dual zip which reveals a wider opening than the simpler Topeak design.

In the hand the Topeak feels well made, with a water resistant zip and padded sides, the interior is a nice bright yellow which will help with locating anything inside.

The Topeak fuel tank medium has a capacity of 0.5L (30ci) which is just right for holding a handful of energy gels, your phone and keys, and a muli-tool. If you need to carry more, or as part of your touring or bikepacking set up, you should probably look at the large Topeak fuel tank, or the Revelate one. However for many people the medium sized fuel tank is ideal. It should be water resistant too, which will be a bonus, but I would recommend a waterproof case for a phone, just in case.

Overall the Topeak Medium Fuel Tank is a great addition to any bike, whether that be for commuting (would be a handy place to store keys, id cards, even a small jacket), longer charity rides or as part of a rackless touring or bikepacking set up. Topeak products have a very good reputation and this bike tank bag will only help continue this. The prices is good too, and where as the custom or cottage industry offerings might be a little nicer, lead times can be a little longer, in short this bag will suit a lot of people.

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