Trying to sort through which type of tropical vacation you are going to take can be overwhelming. There are many packages and sites to search through and little to no guidance along the way. If you are lost like a lot of people get trying to figure out if you should take a cruise or go to an all-inclusive resort there are three easy questions you can ask yourself that will help you make a smart decision.

Do You Get Motion Sickness?

If you get motion sickness, then a cruise could lead to a long and nauseating trip. If you are going to spend money on a tropical vacation package then you should enjoyyourself the entire time. What you don’t want to be worrying about on your trip isCruise Ship(112856)where the closest bathroom is in case the great buffet you just ate decides to makea reappearance. There are some things that could help with the sea sickness but ifyou are a person that has trouble reading in the car or long curvy roads are not yourfriend, don’t risk the possibility on cruise; it could be a voyage you don’t want totake again.

Have You Ever Been to the Tropics?

ResortIf this is your first tropical area visit and you want to get the lay of the land (or sea)a cruise would be a great idea. Most cruise ships dock at multiple ports and go tomultiple countries for you to get out and see the sights. If you don’t know where tostart or which countries you want to visit to for an all-inclusive extended stay, thentake a cruise ship out and scout out an area for your next vacation.

Would You Like Some Freedom or Flexibility on Your Trip?

All-Inclusive resorts have 3 to 4 hours of downtime at minimum per day. It’s theCheck Listbeauty of all-inclusive resorts, you can chose to stay on the beach and do nothingbut relax or go on one of many excursions offered at the front lobby of the resort.There is lots of down time for you to fill with activities of your choice. On a cruise,time is more structured. While traveling in between ports you will find some downtime to fill but once you hit a port you have little room for error. The boat will notwait if you are not back on time from any excursion that you go on. You don’t havethe ability to wander or relax while in port past the allotted visit time. You’re onthe ships schedule and if you somehow manage to get off of the ship’s schedule, saybye-bye boat and hello unplanned expenses and stress. If you like not having to planyour next move or worry about travel plans hop on a boat and enjoy; they do it allfor you.

These three questions should give you a great idea on if a cruise or all-inclusivetropic vacation would be best for you next trip. As always, remember what ever youdo, you can’t go wrong with your choice because you’re going to the tropics.