How to make a topsy turvy tomato planter for free

DIY Upside Down Tomato Planter

Are you interested in learning how to make an upside down topsy turvy tomato planter for free? Would you like to make an ingenuous upside down tomato planter and turn gardening upside down as well? Upside down container gardening is a fun way to grow your own vegetables and it really produces delicious tomatoes

There are plenty of commercials advertising topsy turvy tomato planters; all of which promise you a bountiful harvest of delicious homegrown tomatoes. Here’s a tip – if you buy one, all you will get is a container with holes in the bottom! Then you do all the work! Why pay money for nothing? Learn how to make a topsy turvy tomato planter for free – it’s really very simple.  However if you happen to have more money than you have time, you can purchase a topsy turvy tomato planter here.

Topsy Turvy Tomato PlanterUpside down tomato planters can be made from various materials including but not limited to large soft drink bottles and trash bags. In this article you will learn to make your own planters using a bucket. The first step is to gather all your materials. Apart from the bucket with fastening lid and strong handle, you will need: scissors, knife, nylon rope, tomato plant, potting compost and water-soluble plant food.

Directions for making a DIY upside down tomato planter:

•    Find a bucket with a fastening lid and strong handle. Cut holes in the center of the lid and the bottom of the bucket. Holes need to be approximately two inches wide (50mm).

•    Stand the bucket upright and remove the lid; cover the hole with filter paper or piece of fabric. This will prevent the soil from falling through the hole.

•    Fill the container with the potting compost to the top of the bucket, this will ensure that the lid fits snugly when closed. Place another filter or cloth piece on the top of the compost.

•    Fit the lid on tight and make sure it is securely fastened. Turn the bucket upside down so that it is now standing on the lid. Cut a hole or slit in the filter paper or cloth piece through the hole you made in the bottom of the bucket.

•    Gently plant the tomato seedling in the soil and make sure it is firmly rooted. You may need to remove the lowest level of leaves from the stem.

•    Put your topsy turvy tomato planter in a warm, sunny spot and water the tomato seedling to keep the soil moist. You can also add water-soluble plant food to give your compost lots of nutrients. The soil should not be allowed to become dry.
When the tomato plant grows to about one foot in height, it is time to hang your upside down topsy turvy tomato planter up. Hang the planter up in a secure, sunny location by the bucket handle. Watering the tomato plant can be done through the hole you made in the bucket lid. If you followed the instructions, this will now be on top.

A few tips to make your upside down tomato planter a success:

•    Before you begin, put some bleach in your upside down container planter and wash it out, this will prevent mould or disease from attacking your tomato plant.
•    Choose a bucket with a metal handle for your upside down tomato planter and add water retention granules to the potting soil.

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