Torchlight 2 is an action-rpg developed by Runic Games, released on September 20th and is the sequel to the original Torchlight.


Like the original, Torchlight 2 features randomly generated dungeons for the player to explore and various types of enemies to fight for experience and valuable equipment. Torchlight 2 maintains the same basic game play as its predecessor but adds overland areas with multiple hub towns and a longer single player campaign.

The game features four playable classes with various different skills and specialties. The engineer is a steam-punk style fighter that uses mechanical weaponry from robot minions to power armor. The ember mage is a powerful spell caster that specializes in elemental damage and area of effect attacks. The berserker is a melee fighter who uses fist weapons and can summon various spirit animals. The outlander is an agile character who specializes in fire-arms and lore magic. Each class has a variety of skills at their disposal to use throughout the 23+ hour campaign. The game play is fast paced and every attack hits with a satisfying punch whether your throwing spider mines as an engineer, gunning down monsters as the outlander, pummeling enemies as a berserker, or playing crowd control as the ember mage.


Torchlight 2 features a wide variety of environments to explore. The two types of outdoor areas, passes and over worlds, experience weather effects and day to night cycles. The terain of both passes and over worlds can be randomized for extra replay value. With the added inclusion of side quests and extra dungeons, a more involved quest line, and several times as many enemy types, its easy to see that torchlight 2 is much larger than the original game.

Players can customize their player character's gender, face, skin color, hair color, and hair style but some may find the customization options a bit bare bones compared to other action RPG’s like Skyrim.

The sound design does an excellent job at establishing a dark and gritty atmosphere. Blizzard fans might find the soundtrack familiar as it was composed by Matt Uelmen, who composed the music for many blizzard games like Diablo, warcraft and Starcraft. In fact many of the character designers are former blizzard employees.  


The multiplayer mode is very comprehensive with many customizable options with little to no lag and still has many people playing frequently. This increases the replay value immensely as you can experiment with your groups class composition. 

In conclusion, Torchlight 2 is more than a worthy sequel. It has good presentation, thoughtful level design and an excellent multi-player mode and at a mere $13.99 this game gets my best recommendations.

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