Toro Spring Gardening BucketWinter is coming to an end and left your garden with dead leaves, branches and weed. Spring Gardening is starting. It is time to clean them up and use a container so they will not fly away with the wind and destroy all your hard work. The Toro container is one of the best to use for that purpose.

Purpose of the Bucket

Have you tried to put your garden leaves and debris in a garbage bag ? It is not convenient, it does not stand still and it keeps closing on you while you are trying to put the grass in. It sure seems like a good idea to use someone else to keep the bag open but why waste time and effort when you can use the convenient Toro bucket ?

It is the best way to contain all your garden debris such as grass clippings, weeds, fallen leaves and other plant material.

The Design

This container has a wide diameter of 22 inches which offers a size that is large enough for an easy use. Its volume of 43 gallon is perfect to use it with a large plastic bag or garden bag. Thanks to the holes in the bottom, your plastic bag will easily take up all the space and expand for a better use of the space. You will not get any unwanted air bubble in the bottom so you can fill your bag completely.

The spring bucket is collapsible from 26-inches to 3-inch-high making it easy to store when you do not need it. There is nothing more irritating than having a big bin in your storage room that takes up space. This is why this feature is very handy.

The Material

The material is made of tear and mildew which make the bucket really resistant. In addition to that, the strong sleeved spring helps to have a sturdy standing. For handling it, four cushioned handles will be convenient to carry your barrel. And finally, the perforated base designed for the drainage will avoid your bin to carry unwanted water or keep air under your garbage bag.

This resistant material makes it easier to move in your garden compared to platic or metallic bins. 

Options To Add

If you have a big garden, you should consider getting your gardening bucket with a leaf collector. It will make your cleaning much easier to finish so you can focus on gardening and taking care of your plants. The holes in the bottom of the Toro basket are the perfect combination with a leaf vacuum. Indeed, if you are using a metal or plastic garbage can, you will need to add some holes so that the air will be able to flow.