Toro TimeCutter Z-The Best Riding Lawn Mower

Buying a riding lawn mower can be quite a hefty investment; if you are spending that much money, you would surely want to make sure that you are purchasing the best riding lawn mower. With such a huge selection of this type of lawn mower available, what exactly distinguishes the not-so-good riding lawn mower from the best riding lawn mower? Well there are a few factors that come into play, all of which will be discussed throughout this article; the Toro TimeCutter Z has all of the best features of all of these factors. After having an uncle in the industrial landscaping business for over 20 years, a lot of knowledge has been acquired regarding riding lawn mowers; this article will pass that knowledge onto you, and exemplify the reasons that the Toro TimeCutter Z is the best riding lawn mower that is currently on the market.

The Specifics Of The Best Riding Lawn Mower

It wouldn't be fair for this article to say that the Toro TimeCutter Z series is the best riding lawn mower on the market without any specific info about the machines. You may not know what all of these figures mean until you have finished reading the article; however, it is important that these figures are shown so that you can get a general idea of the specifics of these machines. There are 4 riding lawn mowers from the Toro TimeCutter Z series that are available for private purchase; moreover, they also include a hefty list of additional features. However, those additional features are not significantly important for this article, as it is only the basics of a lawn mower that allow it to be classified as the best riding lawn mower. With that being said, the lawn mowers available in the series is as follows:

Toro TimeCutter Z4200

42 inch base-19 horsepower-Kohler engine-$ 2999.00

Toro TimeCutter Z4235

42 inch base-22horsepower-Kawasaki v-twin engine-$ 3199.00

Toro TimeCutter Z5035

50 inch base-24 horsepower-Kawasaki v-twin engine-$3699.00

Toro TimeCutter Z5060

50 inch base-25 horsepower-Kohler v-twin engine-$3999.00

Blade Base Of The Best Riding Lawn Mower

The blade base plays a large role in the decision of the best riding lawn mower. It should have a blade base that is large enough to decrease the amount of times that you will have to drive across the lawn, yet small enough to allow it to pass through small areas. This "perfect balance" blade base will differ from individual to individual, and situation to situation. For instance, an individual that only mows large open fields would do fine with a 50 or 60 inch base, but a person that mows industrial lawns that have obstacles around may only be able to comfortably use a 35 or 42 inch base. The Toro TimeCutter Z series mowers come with blade bases that range from 42 to 50 inches, which gives you a large enough selection to make the proper decision.

Amount Of Horsepower In The Best Riding Lawn Mower

The amount of horsepower in a mower plays a crucial role in the decision to name it the best riding lawn mower that is available on the market. This is also a factor in which a balance must be found. More horsepower means faster and more aggressive spinning blades, as well as a faster moving machine. However, it also means significantly more gas consumption, and more environmentally harmful emissions being released into the air. This decision must be made on a situational basis, and it is advisable to get a riding lawn mower that has only the necessary amount of horsepower that you will need. With Toro's TimeCutter Z series lawn mowers being offered in 19 to 25 horsepower models, it is easy to see why it was crowned the best riding lawn mower.

Engine Of The Best Riding Lawn Mower

The engine in a mower plays a significant role in the reliability and longevity of the machine, and was definitely a deciding factor when choosing the best riding lawn mower that is available on the market. For the most part, the engine that is included in a riding lawn mower does not play a large role unless you look at it through an in-depth analysis. Regardless of the brand name of the engine, they will all produce 19 horsepower if that's what they are rated at, and will all waste the same amount of gas. However, the difference falls in how much noise they make, how comfortable they ride, and how they operate. Kawasaki, and Kohler are two of the most reputable brand names in the riding lawn mower engine industry; their quality and reliability is absolutely unbeatable. So you want to know what the difference is between these two reputable engines, and their joe-blow competitors? They are quieter, ride in a more comfortable fashion, allow the lawn mower to run at a lower idle, and provide more aggressive blade spins. That may not be enough to convince some people to choose these engines over their cheaper counterparts of lesser quality; however, it was enough to convince the judges to crown this series of lawn mowers as the best riding lawn mower that is currently available.

Price Of The Best Lawn Mower

The price of the lawn mower plays a considerable role when it comes down to choosing the best lawn mower available on the market. Everybody wants a great riding lawn mower to use when they are doing landscaping, but the question is: at what cost? Riding lawn mowers can range from $800 to well over $10,000; the price that you are willing to pay depends upon many factors. Considering the amount of features that are included in the Toro TimeCutter Z series, it is still hard to believe that they are being sold at such an amazing price. These riding lawn mowers could easily be sold for at least one and a half times the price; however, this amazing price makes them an amazing deal, and this amazing deal has allowed them to get crowned as the best riding lawn mower that is currently available on the market.

With literally hundreds of riding lawn mowers currently available, it can be hard to decide which one is the best riding lawn mower. Moreover, with their hefty price tag attached, it is not a decision that you want to mess up on. This article has provided you with all of the information that you need to understand why the Toro TimeCutter Z series lawn mowers have been called the best riding lawn mower that is available on the market. Use the information as a comparison, use it as a buyers guide, or simply use it as reading material when you are bored. Just remember to think your decision through when you are deciding upon a riding lawn mower, so that you can ensure that you buy the best riding lawn mower according to your standards, needs, and preferences!