Toronto's night clubs are quite attractive, lively, up to date and most importantly, in tune with the latest trends. If you want to be in the midst of some gripping action and fun, Toronto's night club life might be just what you are looking for.

The king of nightlife in Toronto is The Guvernment nightclub complex which is located on the East side. Since it's doors opened in 1996, The Guvernment has risen to exist as a top-ten nightclub in the world. The vast expanse of space makes it the perfect venue to host concerts, DJ shows, and corporate events. On weekend evenings, The Guvernment heats up to be electronic dance music hot-spot of the city. If your in Toronto and want to experience world class nightlife, The Guvernment is the place to be.

The downtown Toronto night club district houses some of the most famous night clubs. Plan to go to Lot 22. This is one of the hottest places in the Toronto night club circuit. Very up market, Lot 22 can accommodate up to 900 guests. The highlight of Lot 22 is the retractable glass roof.

Toronto Night ClubsHop into Traffik if you want to get the big club feel. Traffik is a multi level club with huge dance floors. It also sports many VIP lounges where you can just chill and watch all the dancing around you. Done with Traffik? Try Tryst. Bang in downtown Toronto, Tryst is another up scale fancy nightclub which opened pretty recently.

Feel like winding down away from all that noise? Get a nightcap and watch some awe inspiring light shows at the Luxy club. This 13000 sq ft club is a must see for anybody visiting Toronto.

The Bovine Sex club located on Queen West, Toronto has been a great option for the locals as well as the seasoned traveler, since the early 90's. The crowds that flock here are predominantly the college goers, University grads and the young and yuppies in their twenties and thirties. The Club is open Friday through Sunday and has a strict dress code in case you plan to get in. Casual smart clothing is what is permitted and there is a strict no-no to Athletic wear, sports wear and Jerseys.

While inside the club, you could be lucky to get yourself treated to some Indie, glam, rock and alternative music. Sometimes, the DJs can take you back to the 80's and 90's with some Retro and Pop.

Century room is a name that every party-goer in the Toronto night club circuit is familiar with. Situated in King Street west, the place is always vibrant and has a totally positive vibe. Century room is a big draw for young professionals wanting to take a break after a hectic day's schedule and enjoy some adrenaline-pumping dance and music.

The setting inside Century room is a big plus that adds to its ever-growing clientele. Exposed brick walls, high ceilings and gleaming wooden floors add to the décor. Other factors that are in favor of Century bar are its parking facilities, in-house catering service and a massive courtyard. At any point in time, this place can accommodate about 600 guests.

If luxury nightlife is your thing, Club Muzik is the place for you. Private booths, suites, and VIP extrance, bottle service, and 9 bars make this club on of the best in Toronto. Club Muzik is decorated with the utmost plush decor with an environment that makes a Canadian feel like they are in Paris. The 41,000 square foot palace was constructed in 1907 and is architecturally rich in nature. Dressing to impress is necessary when coming to this beautiful historic venue.

Those of you looking for something exciting to break the monotony, something unique all the time and something different in every outing could check out the Street level Tuesdays where DJ Jedi spins some of the best Techno, Mash up and Electro music. Thursdays are for the Famous and Glamorous and by the famous and glamorous. Soiree Saturdays are for the stags and stagettes wanting to listen to some hip-hop and high-energy songs.

If you happen to be in Upper Windsor, you ought to check out Dean Martini's. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays draw huge crowds. Dean Martini is renowned for its cheap cover rates, great mix of drinks, some of the hottest DJ's that you would ever find and a convivial atmosphere that only this nightclub can boast of. Since there are other casinos and restaurants in the vicinity, Dean Martini could be an ideal choice for a weekend bash with your pals.

Those of you looking for New-Year reservations would do well to register your names for a notification facility offered by most of the nightclubs. Apart from getting you and your close friends an assured place inside the club to ensure that you don't miss out on the New Year festivities, you also stand a chance to win some special New Year discounts and free passes. Toronto night clubs have rocked through the ages and the scene looks no different in the days to come.