Traveling to Tuscany, Italy for the holidays and looking for a place to rent? A more affordable alternative that is available is a “Toscana villa” (as the Italians call it). Vacation rentals like a “Toscana villa” are actually villas or cabins that are for rent. They are the tourists’ favorite because they provide a reasonably priced luxury which is perfect for vacation during the holidays.

On occasion, there are numerous “Toscana villa” packages for the holidays. When it comes to choosing what vacation package to go for, make sure that you check out all the details as to what is included and the things that are not so you will have an idea of how much all in all you are going to spend. Family or group packages are also available in some cabin rentals; you can save huge amounts of cash if you avail of this offer. Another money saver tip is for you to book your travel and to rent your “Toscana villa” separately.

“Toscana villa” - a Personal Preference

 The rental charges differ as it depends on the kind of cabin you are going to choose. And as for the options, there is nothing to worry as there are lots of them all over Tuscany. Simply go for the one that is near the places you would like to visit. If you are thinking that choosing vacation rentals make you look cheap, think again because nowadays, more and more people are actually patronizing rentals over the much publicized hotels and resorts. 

Actually, a “Toscana villa” has two types that you may wish to consider; those that are leased by the owner themselves and those that you can charter through traveling agencies. In case you can, do the transactions for your Toscana villa rental directly with the owner so that you won’t have to pay extra for any travel agent or booking fees. By doing this, you also acquire more information regarding the place and the neighborhood surrounding the area.

The only good thing about booking your rentals through traveling agencies is that you have the assurance that the transaction is legit and that you avoid the possibility of getting conned. Then again, if you are familiar with the credentials of the individual owner and you are well informed about the authenticity of the property being leased, then by all means go ahead and book your rental.

More often than not, a “Toscana villa” must be booked either a few weeks or more in advance to avoid unnecessary complications. Browse the Internet for additional information about “Toscana villa” in terms of the facility, location and other things that you feel you ought to know about before you plan to rent it. The same also applies when you are transacting with the owner upfront.