The Toshiba 22DV501B is a great TV set which really doesn’t cost much money. It is available in the UK for under £140 from online websites like Amazon and is a good for anyone who needs a second or third TV for rooms like kitchens, gyms, office or children’s rooms. In this article we are going to take a look at the Toshiba TVID and see what features it has and whether I think you should buy one.


The key features of the Toshiba 22DV501B are:

  • 22 inch screen
  • Built in DVD player (slot loading on the side)
  • HD ready
  • Freeview tuner
  • USB playback

Image performance

This TV doesn’t cost the earth and therefore you shouldn’t expect ultra high-end performance, but its small size will work in its favor. As this screen is HD, it offers the same resolution as many larger screened sets. But it offers that same number of pixels in a smaller space. This means that when you are using this TV in a small space where you are sitting closer to the TV set, you will see a sharper picture. Of course this is at the cost of the screen being larger but the small screen size of this set is a big selling point.


Sound performance from TV sets can differ enormously. Sound needs to be both of good quality and loud enough to be useful. This set produces acceptable sound although several users on Amazon have stated they hook up additional speakers to boost volume. I think this set should be fine for use with noisy kitchens, think dishwasher and washing machine, and easily capable of being useful in quiet locations like bedrooms or children’s playrooms.


The 22DV501B has a lot of different input options including several HDMI ports, a PC input and USB. Having several HDMI ports makes it idea for hooking up a Blu-ray player combined with a games console or two. Being able to play media content from a USB is useful if you want to be able to show off recently taken photos.

Other features

The integrated DVD player on this set means that you save a lot of space compared with separate components. It is slot loading that means that you only need to leave enough space on the side to put a DVD meaning that this set can be placed in quite a compact location.


  • Low cost
  • 22inch screen
  • Variety of inputs
  • Integrated DVD player


  • No BBC iPlayer or IPTV integration
  • Some users report poor sound
  • Quality control issues from some users
  • Lack of info being displayed when switching channels


This screen from Toshiba is a low cost TV intended as a secondary TV. That said it could easily function as a primary TV for a child or student due to its low size and cost. The integrated DVD player saves space and makes it simpler with cabling and power cable requirements. On the product page for this product on amazon, there are users reporting an issue with the DVD drive not accepting DVDs. Supposedly this can be fixed by pushing the DVD in further on first use - which is reported to fix the issue, but do this at your own risk.


The Toshiba 22DV501B is a good value set offering standard features. It is a strong seller on sites like Amazon and if you want more information I recommend you check out its product page here .

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