Toshiba Laptop Charger

Most rarely think about it, but their Toshiba laptop charger is probably the least appreciated, yet indispensable, piece of high-tech equipment in their inventory. To say it performs a vital function is an understatement. It is only when you forget to pack your charger while away on a trip that you realize just how critical it is.

Even the most advanced Toshiba laptops can only run a few hours on battery power alone. For anything other than a brief visit across town, a laptop charger is an essential accessory that needs to be on hand at all times.

But let's face it, lugging around a laptop charger is clumbersome, plus it takes up valuable space in your bag. And some chargers can weigh several pounds. On a long trip that can really add up.

One option is to buy a second charger and leave it at home or any other place you visit often (e.g. satellite office, school etc.) . It won't eliminate carrying your charger completely, but it will reduce the frequency. A second charger can also act as a backup in the event the main charger is lost or malfunctions.

The Toshiba laptop charger has a well deserved reputation for reliability and quality, but even the best equipment can fail if used incorrectly. Some common causes of charger failure are:

  • Moving the laptop with the adapter still connected
  • Winding the power cord around the AC adapter
  • Bending the AC adapter or cords
  • Household pets chewing on the cords

For trouble free operation be sure to follow these usage tips:

  • Remove the plug from the wall socket by grasping the plug directly and then pulling firmly. Never pull on the cord itself. Doing so can damage the internal wires resulting in possible electric shock or fire.
  • Bending or crimping the power cord is a sure fire way to send your charger to the scrap heap. Wire crimps frequently occur in pinch points such as a doors, windows and between desks and walls. Keep the power cord as straight as possible.
  • Most adapters produce some heat when in use. This is normal. To prevent overheating never place your laptop charger near any other heat source, such as a room heater. Make sure the charger has plenty of ventilation. Don't place any objects on top of the charger, especially things that are easily flammable such as newspapers. Place the charger on a flat, hard surface that is resistant to heat and away from other objects.

A Toshiba laptop charger will let you work indefinitely when near a wall socket, and keep your laptop's battery charged for the next field assignment. They are robust and compact and will give years of trouble free service. A second charger is a great option that not only offers convenience, but can be a backup power source in an emergency. Don't let your laptop be without one.