Doing a total cleanse can be a fantastic way to help lose weight and clear up some of your skin conditions and improve your general health overall. Keep in mind though, after a total cleanse, just like losing weight, that by far the most difficult aspect is maintaining all the weight loss you accomplished. This can be achieved however through variety of different means and the most important part is through proper diet and keeping up with your regimen. The most crucial parts to the diet are basically high amounts of quality filtered and pure water along with increased ingestion of high fiber foods. In addition to this, supplementing your snacks and meals with green smoothies and juicing can make all the difference between simply eating a lot better and actually making sure that your digestion is running at peak and optimal performance to allow for good health. Any total cleanse guide worth its salt would tell you to get naturally occurring fiber from whole grains because its effective and cheap, often people get the vast amount of their whole grains while eating breakfast, but to really be effective in keeping your digestion tract up and running you really should consume some level of fiber throughout your day. This can be achieved by eating whole-grain cereal bars and different nuts and berries. You can also do this by eating fibrous fruits like apples or bananas because these will provide the much needed nutrients and vitamins that your body needs as well. Be sure to keep in mind to always have some pure filtered water on hand with you at all times regardless of how you need to get it so that your body can constantly stay hydrated because this water is crucial to making sure that food passes through your digestive system more efficiently and improve a colon cleanse. Another fantastic source of natural fiber and important vitamins are fruit smoothies, in particular green smoothies which have additional greens like kale and spinach to increase the nutritional value. Assuming that you use mostly organic fruit and greens or you use quality frozen organic produce like berries for example, I have to do is take these different greens that you selected and blended in along with the fruit to help you create a smoothly which acts as a meal replacement for the rest of your day. These can be also an ideal breakfast is well instead of preening for junk food or springing for man-made cereal bar which has loads of fake ingredients.