Total Gym 1400 & 1900 Comparison Review

Are you trying to workout the differences between the Total Gym 1400 and 1900 models, and exactly why there is a difference in price of roughly 70 bucks? If so, this comparison review of the Total Gym 1900 Vs 1400, will be able to help you out, providing an overview of both and highlighting the key factors where they differentiate from one another. From this, you will get a sound idea as to which Total Gym Home Gym you should be investing in.

The idea behind the two pieces of equipment is to offer a compact gym (you just need a decent amount of space lengthways) for you to use in the comfortable & easy access surroundings of your own home. Both the 1400 & 1900 offer you a wide range of versatility offering in excess of sixty exercises each, so you can target every large group of muscles in your body (namely your arms, chest, back & legs) -- the instruction guide provided states you can do all this within a 20 minute workout.

Total Gym 1900 Home Gym
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(price as of Jun 17, 2014)

So as you can see from the off (through the overview given above), there isn't actually too much that differentiates the two Total Gym pieces of equipment, they do very much offer a very similar service. However, there is a difference in price for a reason as there are some subtle differences between the two.

Design & Appearance

Obviously, the most apparent difference between them is the design the 1900 comes in red & black whereas the 1400 model is black, grey and white. The actual structure of the two though is pretty much the same, they measure in length at 92.5 inches by 16 inches in width and have a height of 43.25 inches. Note: that both of them can fold up though, so they can be quickly and neatly stored away. They also both weigh in at around the 75 lbs mark with a shipping weight of 80 lbs. So no real significant difference between the two of them here to note.

Features & Aspects

This, as expected, is where things start to slightly differ. Firstly, as your weight acts as the resistance you can adjust upon calibrated levels -- with the 1900 model you get a greater range of up to 12 levels (reaching 45% body weight) whereas with the 1400 model it is just 8 levels.

Another aspect to note is that although both models are provided with a total gym workout dvd as well an exercise chart & nutritional guide and so on. There is a slight difference in 'add ons'.

Where with the 1900 model you get the extra ab crunch board that allows you to dedicate exercises purely to your upper & lower sets of abdominal  muscles as well as exercises for your obliques. Moreover, you get a leg pully accessory, although slightly disappointingly you don't get the extensions to go with them, you have to purchase them separately. You also get a pilates bar that you don't with the 1400 model as well as an extra workout DVD.

Note: that you also get two non-skid floor mats with the 1900 model, which you don't get with the 1400.

With regards to the warranty coverage the 1400 and 1900 models are covered for a 3 year period with any defects or breakage in that time, you can have it fixed completely free of charge.

Price Difference

As mentioned upon briefly above, there is a slight difference in the price of around $60 and for that I think the TG 1900 easily sells itself as being the best overall bang for buck given the extra attachments and gear you get with it. However, in all honesty both models are extremely well regarded (both models average over 90% form a wide range of reviews) and for that price you (on both) you are getting great value for your cash.