Total Gym XL & XLS Comparison Review

Are you interested in investing in some home gym gear and are particularly interested in what the 'total gym' range equipment has to offer you, however -- like many -- are a bit unsure over the differences between Total Gym XL and XLS. Here, in this comparison guide we'll pin-point all the major differences and ultimately whether the XLS is worth the extra $100 or so.

Unsurprisingly they aren't actually all too different from one another. The XLS was introduced to actually take the place of the Total Gym X-L trainer, however people are still very fond of it so Total Gym keep both in production but there are only a few very slight differences between them -- which we will list & discuss below.

Total Gym XLS - Universal Home Gym for Total Body Workout
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(price as of May 27, 2016)

Design & Specifications

Obviously, the most apparent difference between the X-L & XLS is their design, the XL-S model has a blue and updated covered design whereas the XL model is basically black & grey. However, the actual structure of the two are pretty much identical they both take on the exact same dimensions: height 9 inches, 19 inches in width and 51 inches length ways.

Where the XL-S has been improved is the stability and strengthening mechanism in place -- this has allowed for a claimed improvement in user weight capacity. The Total Gym X-L model will hold a max capacity of 350 lbs whereas the TG XLS can hold an increased capacity of 400 lbs for a user (that's an improvement of 50 lbs).

Total Gym Xl
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(price as of May 27, 2016)

Add Ons

There has been similar 'reconfiguration' with both the X-L and XLS models, particularly with the squat stand that has been made larger so you can get a better and more comfortable squatting model (this is compared with other TG equipment, but are the same when comparing the XL Vs XLS). They both offer you a range of additional add ons to perform more exercises with as well such as leg curls & pull ups as well as a range of provided information charts & workout DVDs.

It is here however where the major difference between the two models that you really need to be concerned about when it comes to getting either the Total Gym X-L or XLS. The XLS package also comes with a Pilates Kit as well as a leg pulley. These items can be bought additionally for TG's XL (if you decide to go this route), but this is the major factor behind the increase in price from the X-L to the XLS. In turn, as advertised they offer different amounts of 'exercise versatility' the XLS is capable of 80 plus exercises and the X-L in excess of 70 exercises.

Price Range

As briefly mentioned upon above, Total Gym XLS costs around $650 (however used to be a lot more expensive well into the thousand dollar range), same goes for the X-L model but over time has gradually decreased to around the $500 mark. You might be able to get them for even cheaper, if you are willing to get them used second hand. Both models at these prices are actually really good buys & represent awesome value for money (I'd probably go with the XL-S model given it is newer), so it is basically a concern of whether you want the leg pulley & pilates kit or not.