Have you come across all those touch screen phones in the market these days? They all look so stunning with their wide screens and slim sizes ready to fit into any pocket. And it is really simple to use as it gives you easy access to many places at the same time.

 To start with, you can have icons of your favorite folders or applications which you use often on the start screen. Surely, these touch screen phone consist all those features which generally a mobile phone would have but along with that one of the special options you have is to use a virtual QWERTY keyboard which would mean you can type just like how you would do on a computer. Moreover many of them come with a wi-fi option, so you don’t have to pay for the phone network’s internet charges (depending on your service provider!). Plus it is also very suitable for business people because it has applications like Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader. To add more, it also comes with a hand writing recognition software in which you can write using a stylus on the screen. Furthermore, playing games on it is more fun than ever before as it comes with special motion sensor games made specifically for such phones.

 They all come with different price tags depending on the amount of features (while some even for their looks). The more the features the expensive it is. Basically what I have noticed is the ones without a wi-fi are of fairly reasonable prices while the ones with wi-fi are a little expensive. But the prices high or less are always worth the features it has. Various brands for instance Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, iPhone (the list is endless), are now manufacturing touch screen phones at large scales. So you have a range of choice to select according to your use.

However, what I do not like about the touch screen phones is that it gets our finger-prints on the screen. You can’t use it when your hands are all sweating and if you use a stylus then you really have to be soft with it or the screen may get a scratch. In addition, you also have to keep it away from high temperatures or the screen may lose its sensitivity. So if by any chance you live in a country with hot and humid climate then it may not be the right choice to buy touch screen phones. On the brighter side, you can type faster with the aid of QWERTY keypad and handwriting recognition software. Plus it gives you easy access to your e-mails and internet accounts. Also it is very handy for business people for writing, editing documents and making presentations. Adding to that, the wide screens allow you to watch videos and even movies without tiring your eyes. Besides you can play games just like how you would on a Nintendo DS or a Game boy. What more do you need!

In the end I would just like to say that despite its few disadvantages it is very useful, fun and stylish to have. It is the one of the best inventions until now and so you better grab your credit card and check out your nearest electronic outlet to have one of those touch screen phones just for yourself.