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This product worked as well as expected if not even a little better. It dispenses a small but effective amount of toothpaste directly onto the brush. No need to look around for the cap again! It was easy to put together, though!


Slightly awkward design, so it may not look fantastic on your bathroom mirror. Also it has a mildly high price tag of $19.99 for a plastic gadgit.

Full Review

I am not usually one to run out and buy something just because I saw a good commercial on TV, so I was naturally sceptical of the Touch n Brush toothpaste dispensing system when I first saw it. I will admit that I was talked into this one last Christmas by my two kids, to tell the truth. Since it's been over two months since I bought this product, I thought I would share my opinion of if after a few months of use.

Over all, I am quite pleased. I was afraid after opening the box that the Touch n Brush was a bit on the cheap side, especially for the $19.99 retail price tag on it. It was not very difficult to put together, but the tube of toothpase does not fit very snugly into the hole, so again with the concern that it would not work, but after mounting the product to the mirror and placing the cover over it as shown on the box, I was pleasantly surprised that the tootpaste started to come out after pumping about 8-10 times.

A few downsides to this Touch n Brush system...

1. You can only use toothpaste that is in tubes. If you use a pump-style toothpase, you will have to switch brands.

2. If you share a bathroom and you do not like the same toothpaste, tough. You would have to get another Touch n Brush.

3. The design is not beautiful, but it is functional. If you are picky about color you are also out of luck. The Touch n Brush comes only in white.

Now for the positives...

1. My whole family really likes this system. We went out and bought a second one a week after Christmas because my two children do not use the same brand of toothpaste. Now we have one in our bathroom, making that three all together.

2. NO MORE MESS! As stated above, I have two kids, one is a teen and the other a tween. They are disgusting in the bathroom, and now there is no longer an issue with open tubes, lost caps and messy counters.

3. Even though the price tag is a bit high, If you purchase this product at Bed Bath and Beyond as I did, it is likely that you can find yourself a coupon and save yourself a little money. It's worth it.

4. The Touch n Brush is sturdy and had not fallen down yet! The suction cups are strong, and keep the device in place. They are also easy to remove and move the product to a different part of the mirror if you choose.

5. The Touch n Brush only dispenses a small amount of toothpase at a time, so you will use less toothpaste and save money.

6. The system came with a free battery-powered toothbrush that worked very well, to my surprise!

In Closing

My bottom line is that I would buy this product again. I am now the owner of three Touch N Brush systems, so I guess I am a believer! This would also make a great present for a hard-to-buy-for person!