Handsfree or touchless faucets for the bathroom can be an ideal money and water saving improvement to any personal or public restroom. With many designs to choose between these offer an economical solution to problems that can arise from sinks left running unattended to rusting and repair of faucet handles. 

Hands free faucets are run by an electronic sensor, often battery or AC power operated, that turns the water on when something is placed in front of the sensory detection and turns off the water when it is removed. 

Riviera Touchless FaucetDifferent styles of touch free faucets for the lavatory will offer different options as far as temperature control is concerned. Most of the cheaper models (found under $100) will offer either cold only options or temperature control provided by a hot and cold "mixing valve" that is installed under the sink. Mid-range to high end models will typically offer a temperature control lever, button or valve, attached or near the faucet,that will allow you to set the temperature to your preferred heated setting or may also offer the under the sink mixing valve. 

Popular Brands of Touchless Faucets for the Bathroom 

As one might expect there are a lot of well known and not so well known brands that offer touch free sinks or specialized faucets for commercial and private restrooms. Here are some of the most highly reviewed brands  you can find on the market today. 

American Standard, perhaps one of the most popular choices, offers a large variety of handsfree electric or Selectronic faucets. Some of their most popular models are made up of polished chrome finishes and range in price from just under $200 to about $600. 

Kohler is another popular and well-known brand when it comes to sensor faucets. Their touchless faucet selection is quite broad - featuring both traditional and contemporary styles to fit most preferences as well as price ranges that appeal to a broader level of consumer. Kohler has models ranging in price from just under $70 to a touch over $700. 

Touchless Adaptors Make Any Faucet Handsfree 

EZ Handsfree Sensor Faucet AdaptorIf changing out the entire faucet, installing an under the sink outlet like some models require or hiring a plumber is not on your list of things to do then a handsfree bathroom faucet adaptor may be the solution. These nifty products come in models designed to fit all different types of sink nozzles and are an easy answer to touchfree water and money savings and require no minor or major bathroom remodeling.

Touch free adaptors are sold under several names and models but  one of the popular names and models you will find is the  iTouchless, EZ Faucet Adaptor available in several styles and ranging from$50 to $75. The average model is battery operated to run on average 4 AAA batteries (sold separately).

Hands free and touchless faucets for the bathroom can add elegance, convenience and sanitation to any home or office. Consider how one of these could benefit your day to day life as well as your impact on water conservation.