Are fund raisers people with Charitable actions or paid employees?

Charity muggers or where I live, better known as " Chuggers" hunt you down ferociously and will impede on every ounce of privacy you thought you had. Do these people have charitable actions in mind and thought? Well, the answer is a simple no! Oh they will knock on your door and claim they have devoted their life's work to supporting whatever charity, they will plea that what ever charity they are raising money for, they are 100% behind, but the truth is these people are paid, employed cold callers that are trained in door to door sales or telesales. They can even become quite aggressive if told you are not interested.

Chuggers are Charity muggers, they are not even aidworkers

Just take the example above. A group of chuggers about to go and annoy a whole neighbourhood of people who are completely oblivious to the unbelievable amount of emotional blackmail they are about to be subjected to. As you can see they don't even care that the people they are calling on are probably poorer or just as poor as the people they are collecting for. Do they care? No, because they are not charities.

Why chuggers are so annoying

1 You may not be available

You could be in the bath, on the phone or changing a baby's diaper and when you do not know who is at the door , so you rush to be able to get to the door, only to find a stupid idiot that can't get a real job, with a big daft grin on their face, who has the bare faced cheek to say " How are you today?" whilst you stand there dripping with soap suddy bathwater in a dressing gown and towel around your head, evidence that you really weren't wanting to come to the door right now, but you thought it would be someone important. I really wish I was a mean person because whilst I find my brain stating " I was having a great day until I nearly broke my neck rushing out of the bath to answer the door to YOU!", I find my ingrained manners making me say " I am fine thank you!"..ah no, I just gave them a gateway entrance to a conversation, re sales pitch.

2 Vulnerable people

There are many people in society that are not fair game to be hounded by these door knocking nuicances. Some people are capable of living on their own but may have learning difficulties, meaning it is easier to get them to hand details over and end up with a monthly payment to a charity that they do not even understand about properly. It is the same if you asked a 6 year old, they would want to look after the whole world, with out understanding that the poor simply can't afford to support others, espescially when there is a company taking their portion out of the donations anyway."Oh but they are non profit" I hear the door knocker state. Maybe not, but the cost of paying the door knockers, taking out the cost of their rent, gas and electric is not part of profit, so just how much of your monthly payment goes to the intended? People who have learning disabilities understand none of this. They are unfair prey.

The other kind of people who are vulnerable are those who suffer panic attacks or are elderly and have become naturally fearful of the front door being knocked by someone they do not know. How ironic that these fools do this whilst wearing a pinafore that says they are from the charity such as "Age concern", not much concern about robbing these poor people of their pensions. As some do not understand that they are not giving a one off payment but regular monthly payments. Where is the charitable action there?

These chuggers are dangerous because they talk people in to handing over bank details that they then write down, so even if they are genuine, your bank details are now walking around on a piece of paper on a clip board that gets placed down where anyone can read it and is not protected by anything. The fact that chuggers exist make it easier for con artists to fake being a chugger and conning you out of your bank details also.

Chuggers also come out with all sorts of guff just to get you to sign up, they do so because they don't care if you cancel your support with in the next few months. This is because the chugger themselves are paid by how many people they get to sign up to monthly support. So by signing up and then no matter how easily it is to cancel, you will have cost the charity paying the chuggers money, whilst the charity will not receive the support they were chasing. Better to put your money in a collection box, if you WANT to support someone and not just doing it because some one else is sat there feeding thoughts of half starved children or freezing to death old people. Making you feel so emotional that you simply have no choice but to support this charity or you are simply inhumane. This is just another part of the chugger's sales training. They will be trying to sell windows next week, so really, don't buy in to their sap.

How to deter chuggers

Don't answer the door if you do not know who is at the door. Any one credible will have sent you a letter or phoned to state they were coming at a certain date.

Get yourself a "NO DOOR KNOCKERS" sticker that will self stick to your window or door. They do ignore these sometimes but some pay attention to them, so it is worth it for a few pence.

Don't be made to feel guilty, if you want to give to charity, you will do so when you want. There are plenty of donation boxes etc in stores or charity shops.

Remember that charity starts at home.