Photos From Tour de France History

Photos often bring us closer to an event, in this case the Tour de France. They make us feel like we are actually there. By seeing the pictures we get a sense of what the people felt and acted like. We see what expressions were on their faces and how they looked.

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This picture comes from the 1960 Tour de France race. This photo is one of the bikes climbing a hill in one of the day stages. Look here for more information about the Tour de France History.


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This is a look at a photo from the 1924 Tour de France race. This is a picture of Bottecctia leading the others. I love this picture because it really shows the different outfits of the days, especially the helmets.

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This photo of the Tour de France is a shot of the cyclists taking a water stop during one of the stages. Look at the bikes and how they were treated. Much different in todays races.


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Ironically enough, this was a 2007 photo of the Tour de France. On the Spanish leg, two bombs exploded and were believed to be terrorists. With the death of Bin Laden, many people will be watching their backs this year.

But as you can see, the attire has changed a bit from the earlier pictures and the technology as well. I mentioned earlier that the helmets were different. If you look at both pictures closely, the helmets are very different but the pants look similar. I think the reason for this is everyone wanted to be as cook as possible and the bikers knew that they needed legs that we not constricted by pants, etc.

Another big difference is the amount of bikers. From the first event where only 15 entered, as you can tell there are a bit of contestants here.

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This is a photo of Thomas Voeckler who is wins the 5th stage of the event. In this photo, he is crowed by many other contestants. It is interesting to see the colors compared to the black and white. It make you wonder what the colors would have done for those older pictures.

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