The Island of the Philippines is known for the many wonders and beautiful sceneries that it possesses. The warm weather and the people’s hospitality are some of the added value to why the country gets to be on the top of the vacation lists of many tourists. Visiting the Philippines provides a one of a kind experience. The country is composed of a chain of islands that are rich in natural wonders and tourists are treated with an array of local hotspots scattered across the islands.

One of the most remarkable wonders of the country is a tiny volcano in the middle of a lake called Taal volcano. It is dubbed as being the smallest active volcano in the world. The site is located about 50 km to 70 km south of Manila in the province of Batangas. Not many people know that the tiny volcano that exists now was actually at one time one of the biggest volcanoes in the world standing at a majestic 18,000 feet. 

The island is host to two lakes; “Taal Lake” and the “Crater Lake”. Taal Lake is a tourists’ haven, as there are several resorts that cater to both local and foreign tourists. From this freshwater lake, the captivating view of the Taal volcano is in plain sight. The Crater Lake is a sulfuric lake located at the crater of the volcano. For the adventure seekers, swimming and scuba diving in the lake provides quite an adrenaline rush. This lake is also believed to possess medicinal therapy due to its highly sulfuric nature. 

Resorts and local establishments have tour packages available to visit Taal Volcano. One of these tour packages includes a walk on the volcano trail that takes tourists through a maze of muddy terrain until the inner part of “Crater Lake” is reached. The great thing about the Taal volcano expedition is that aside from comfortable top end hotel establishments, tourists also have access to great restaurants nearby. 

Aside from the natural wonders of the volcano site, the area also is home to diverse aquatic ecosystems including endemic fishes that thrive in the lake near the volcano. Whether experiencing the Taal volcano up close by traversing the rough terrain or gazing at it from afar from the comfort of exquisite resorts, this unique experience can only be found in the Philippines, the Pearl of the Orient.

Taal Lake