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In recent years, there has been a tourism boom in Panama and travelers worldwide have discovered the beautiful spots that this country has to offer. In this article, you will discover where are the best places to visit and stay in Panama.

Panama has a population of 4 million people and is situated between Colombia and Costa Rica. Panama city is the capital. Spanish is the official language although English is spoken in the business community.

It is one of the strongest economies in Latin America thanks to the Canal of Panama which allows ships to pass from the Atlantic to Pacific Ocean in a day instead of a month or more. This wonder of the world is experiencing a planned expansion in 2014 to allow post panamax ships to pass therefore potentially drastically increasing its traffic and revenues.

Its climate is Tropical with hot, humid and cloud during the rainy season which last between May to January. The short dry season is between January and May. Panama is filled with beautiful beaches. You can sunbath on beaches in the Pacific in the morning and dip into the water on the Atlantic side by just driving a few hours which is quite extraordinary thing to be able to do.

If you enjoy the nightlife, Panama city is the place for you. This city has seen an increase in restaurant, bar, clubs and shopping malls. This is due to the high immigration rate of foreigners into the country. The prices are a fraction of what you would usually pay in the US,Europe or Canada. There are also a large variety of hotels Panama to choose from. You can also find an Inn Panama which are a little less expensive and more family friendly.

If you are looking for more historical scenery, you can go to Casco Viejo where you can find colonial houses, museums and historical structures.

If you are looking to shop at discount prices, going to the Colon Free Zone, the second largest free zone in the world after Hong Kong, is a great option. You can get products at up to 60% off retail prices. Make sure you get a guide to show to take you around or get in touch with someone you know who can take you around.

You can clearly see that Panama is a great country to visit. Try to stay more than one week as you will have plenty to see.