Tourist attractions in Rotterdam are a big tourist generator for the second biggest city of the Netherlands. The city of Rotterdam is famous for its big harbor (currently the second biggest in the world). But this won't attract any tourists of course! Fun fact, the biggest export product of the harbor in Rotterdam is Heineken Beer! There are some pretty awesome tourist attractions in Rotterdam, lets check them out.

Tourist Attraction in Rotterdam #1: The Euromast

The most iconic building in the Rotterdam skyline, the Euromast. The Euromast is with 185 meter the highest accessible tower in the Netherlands. The purpose of the tower is nothing more than being imposing. The tower was intentionally 107 meters high, but after a couple of years buildings started to rise above it, therefore they decided to put another tower on top of the Euromast, called the Space Tower. Now the tower is 185 meters high and you can get all to the top.

#2: The Delfshaven

Tourist Attractions in Rotterdam: The Delfshaven

The Delfshaven is literally translated the harbor of Delft. The Delfshaven is an open-air museum nowadays. The harbor is famous for being the place where the Pilgrims departed to go to America on the Speedwell. After they went out of the harbor of Rotterdam they transferred to the famous ship 'the Mayflower' which landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts. In the Delfshaven you can enjoy the Dutch life how it was in the beginning of the 17th century. This open-air museum includes shops and houses.


#3: Blijdorp Zoo

This zoo is the oldest zoo in Europe. It all started 150 years ago when it was one of the biggest attractions of Rotterdam. Children will love the zoo, but for the adults there is something as well, for instance the famous Oceanarium where you can walk underneath sharks and turtles. Blijdorp Zoo has a big collection of cat-kinds.

Tourist Attraction in Rotterdam #4: The Nightlife

Rotterdam is also famous for its nightlife as the city is full of cafes, restaurants bars and clubs. As a number of cities in the Netherlands with a big nightlife it has a night mayor, which play a key role in the night life of the city. Some places to go to when you want to go clubbing in Rotterdam:

  • Kruiskade
  • Stadhuisplein
  • Delftsestraat
  • West-Kruiskade
  • Club Vie

#5 The Kinderdijk

Tourist Attractions in Rotterdam: KinderdijkJust outside of Rotterdam there are the famous windmills at the Kinderdijk. In this area there are 19 windmills which are preserved by the World Heritage List of UNESCO. These windmills are the largest concentration of old windmills in the Netherlands and as you probably know the Netherlands is famous for its windmills! At Kinderdijk you can see some highlights of the Dutch way to handle water. Here you can see dikes, reservoirs, pompstations and administrative buildings. The Netherlands is famous for its relationship with water, as a big part of the country is below sea level. The Netherlands even took it a step further with creating land out of water with Flevoland.

Hopefully you got inspiration from this list for some great tourist attractions in Rotterdam.